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Author: Robert A. Hastings

ISBN: 978-1440975756

Publisher: Self-Published Amazon

Imagine a world where everyone had the same face, hair color, eyes and body. Imagine a world where everyone’s skin color was the same. Imagine a world with no colors. Now, imagine yourself in that world. How would you feel if every time you turned around, looked in the mirror with a friend, sister or brother you saw the same face? Would you want to live in a world like that?

The colors of the rainbow are beautiful, the colors of people’s skin and the differences we see when we look at each other is what makes us unique and special. Everyone is talented in something whether art, music, writing or even sports. Living amongst different people of different races is not any different than animals living with different animal families. It’s our differences in our appearance that makes us who we are.

When Sheila and Joey are brought from Australia to live in a wild animal park they feel isolated and alone. Trying to fit in will not be easy and making friends with the other animals was not difficult until something happened that would change everything. Sheila and Joey wanted to start a family. They wanted their own child to share their new home. But, Sheila had no idea that a young kangaroo was about to be born and when he was could not believe her eyes. A precious beautiful Blue Kangaroo came out of her pouch. She named him Little Joey. Sheila, as all mothers you hope loved him unconditionally and did not care that he was a different color than all the other kangaroos. His father, Joey, was not that happy and when the other families that lived in the park made fun or Little Joey and would not allow their children to play with him Sheila was heartsick, Joey did not feel any sympathy and Little Joey decided to leave home.

This story brings to light what happens when a child feels different, bullied and ostracized by others and parents do not understand their feelings. Kids can be mean and as the author brilliantly illustrates in this story so can animals that are no different than we are.

Little Joey sneaks away and finds himself in the back of a truck falling asleep and waking up in a lot filled with cars. Feeling afraid, sad and alone and missing his parents he never expected to find himself in the presence of three amazing young boys named Andrew, Wyatt and James. Andrew, the oldest seems to take charge and understands that Little Joey needs protection, understanding and love. He even hides him from his parents telling Little Joey he would care for him and bring him food. But when they finally hide him in the barn and listen to the news about a missing Blue Kangaroo what happens next will endear you to these three boys and their parent’s too.

Joey’s parents are frantic. The other animals are trying to help find him but no one does. Will he ever return home to the wild park? Will the boys explain to their parents why they hid a Blue Kangaroo in their barn? Will the other animals treat Little Joey as a friend or does being different really make that much of a difference in life?

What happens will help not only children but hopefully adults learn to embrace each other’s uniqueness, differences and outstanding qualities that help make you the best person only you can be. Take the journey with Little Joey and meet the animals in the Wild Animal Park and meet three young boys named Andrew, Wyatt and James who will teach you the true meaning of acceptance, tolerance, understanding and love. What will Joey do if and when Little Joey is returned? Will his feelings change or will he still wish for a Kangaroo that was not Blue? Little Joey is kind, sweet and absolutely the cutest Blue Kangaroo you ever want to meet. It would be so cool if author Robert A. Hastings brought him back for more adventures in the wild park when he gets older.

With illustrations so beautifully done and characters is real life even though they are animals this is one book that belongs in every classroom library, home library and public library too. I love BLUE!

Click Here To Purchase The Blue Kangaroo: It's Nice to be Different (Volume 1)