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Author: Dulce Rodrigues

ISBN: 978-1-4251-7169-8

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Everyone has a story to tell about their first great car adventure or their first plane or train ride to some exotic location but few, if any, are from the perspective of a four-legged mutt named Barry. Barry's adventure begins as his well meaning (human) family takes him in the car from the only  home he's ever known in Portugal to another completely foreign one in Belgium. In all fairness to Barry, he was taken from a rather bucolic existence - where watching birds pick at seeds in the garden was an adventure. And even though he possessed the unlikely ability to occasionally climb fences (like the cats he emulated), Barry never tired of the outdoors or the accompanying cold weather because, as a younger dog, his thick, black, furry coat always kept him sufficiently warm.

So being forced into the back of a car and having to endure a car restraint was far from Barry's idea of a fun outing. Even though the view was beautiful, it's not like anyone asked him if he wanted to go. He couldn't understand exactly what was happening. Wherever he looked, whenever he looked out the window, all there was before him was road... never ending road! When the car finally came to a stop, Barry figured his luck was about to change. He'd be free again to explore the land that he loved. But when the family got out of the car, Barry was in for another unpleasant surprise. He was being put on a leash. Yes, a leash! Barry felt like a prisoner. He was no longer free to roam around the garden. He was now restricted and feeling quite miserable. More than that he felt betrayed by the family he loved and trusted and had been loyal to his whole life. In fact, Barry was so angry that he decided to take back his own freedom. After realizing the leash was not terribly tight around his neck, he pulled on it with all his might until he was free as a bird once again.

Barry ran and ran, crossing busy roads with traffic whizzing by, feeling all the while like he should punish his family for putting him on a leash. That would surely teach them a lesson. They would come to realize just how much they loved him and promise never to put him on a leash again. But when Barry finally turned around, he no longer saw his young masters, Eduardo and Gustavo, following him. He tried to run back to them but ended up following the wrong road. After all, to Barry, all the roads looked the same. Two hours passed without any sign of their dog and the family was torn between waiting and continuing on with their long journey. Just then, the two boys caught a glimpse of Barry way off in the distance. When Barry saw them his joy was evident as he rushed off to met them. But as realization crept over him - that once caught he would again be restrained - he kept himself at a safe distance just in case the leash came into sight. Barry was in no hurry. He had all the time in the world because, for a dog, time did not count... except for mealtimes!

Using that tiny bit of knowledge about their dog, the family managed to lure him back with the enticing smells of a nice meal. Since Barry also wanted to keep them in his sights this time, he hesitantly but happily sniffed out the 'bribe' and the boys were finally able to grab their beloved pet. In spite of their unpleasant situation and the now three-hour delay in travel time, the family was happily reunited and the adventure was about to continue. They'd never know everything that went through Barry's mind that afternoon but they were pretty sure that next time he saw a cat or a bird and decided to follow it, he would put his pride aside and choose to be with his family instead. 

This book would appeal to everyone. It's relatively short and has colorful illustrations. I would have liked to have read more actual 'doggie dialogue' but still found the story charming and heartwarming. So catch it if you can!

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