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Author: Linda Lael Miller

Publisher:  HQN Books

ISBN: 978-0-373-77555-2

Steven Creed, a single attorney, grew up with his time split between his father’s Colorado ranch and mother’s big city life in Boston. Now, his best friends have left their five year old son to him after their tragic deaths. Upon adopting Matt, Steven leaves law behind and moves to Stone Creek, Arizona where he purchased a ranch to call home.

Melissa O’Ballivan grew up in Stone Creek. Raised by her grandparents after her mom’s abandonment and her father’s death, Melissa has serious doubts about marriage and family, though she wants both. Matters are made worse by her recent break up which left Melissa content to settle and live her life alone as the town prosecutor, bringing justice to those who break the law. When Steven Creed moves to town, Melissa’s cozy little world of denial takes an interesting turn, one she didn't expect. Will she allow herself to love again?

I absolutely loved A Creed in Stone Creek! I finished the book quickly and was left wanting more. The characters are wonderful and well developed. I connected to their stories and quickly devoured the pages, anxious to find out what happens next. Stone Creek is a quaint little town that amused me in a heartwarming way. I enjoyed the secondary characters and their relationships to the main characters. I was thrilled to have book two available to me, yet sad that it doesn’t continue Steven and Melissa’s story. Though I look forward to reading about Connor’s story, I became so attached to Steven and Melissa and the town of Stone Creek, that I didn’t want it to end and would love to read more!

Ms. Miller is a talented author. Her writing style is wonderfully addictive. She instantly grabbed my attention and kept it. The story flowed effortlessly. I could vividly picture the characters and places without feeling as if every little detail was described for me. This was the first book I’ve read by Linda Lael Miller and it won’t be the last. She quickly gained a spot on my “must read” list of authors.

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