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Author: Amy Lignor

Illustrator: Sherry Gillam

Publisher: Precious Gems Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9840064-0-3

This is the first in a truly amazing series that will have readers glued to every page, and literally having them run to Google in order to look up the amazing historical facts of these present locations.

Taking readers from the basement of the New York Public Library to the ‘infamous’ Winchester House located in San Jose, California, this adventure begins “right out of the gate.” No one knows why Sarah Winchester continued to build her odd mansion with stairways that go into the ceiling, windows that look out into other rooms, and fireplaces that never go out of the rooftops. In fact, according to legend, Mrs. Winchester believed her life was unavoidably affected by departed souls that were killed by her husband‘s Winchester guns. The mansion also has an unmistakable attention to the number, 13 - the number of hooks in the closets, the number of drains in the sinks - and Leah Tallent knows exactly why 13 is such a huge part of the Winchester Mansion. There’s something buried in that house that will, quite literally, change the world.

From there, readers are attached to the “hips” of Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery as they find themselves on the streets where Jack The Ripper once roamed, and inside an old building that was condemned and torn down where this killer took his last victim. But the floors still remain, and the attention shown to the number 13, yet again, is something the reader must know. From the streets of a madman to the streets of a religious icon, Tallent and Lowery continue their quest to collect certain items that, once together, form the ‘key’ to a mystery begun in 1902.

Then on to Loch Ness, where a famous man once held ‘court’ with his subjects. Aleister Crowley’s old house situated on the Loch directly affects the legend of 13, as well as being the home base of many religious and fantastical characters that still exist today. In Glastonbury, there stands a tower - a relic of an old church that supposedly was the scene of a magnificent legend that literally came to life. And this location will finally unveil what Tallent & Lowery have been striving to find.

This book has already been praised by bestselling author, Amy Ferris, as “the DaVinci Code with heart!” And this reviewer can think of no better way to put it. The adventure is absolutely amazing, and the book is so good and such a fast read that everyone will be wishing that Book number two was coming out tomorrow!

This is truly a whirlwind treasure hunt - with six more books to come. If this first one is any indication, this series will fascinate, awe, excite, and offer pure adventure and sincere fun to everyone!

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