Click Here To Purchase 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 An Hour

Author: Christopher Rugh

Publisher: Avia Publishing

ISBN: 978-10935586-37-1

I have to admit that what grabbed my attention with this business book was its unusual title, 1-800-Awesome Tactics for Making $10,000 An Hour. The author, Christopher Rugh, who has built the successful Custom Toll Free, a vanity phone number service claims that he can provide you with the key principles showing you how to stop being a slave to your work and start having it work for you. He further claims that even though you may have some doubts, you can earn $10,000 an hour, because he has done it and there is no reason why you cannot follow in his footsteps. How does he intend to show you the way?

In his introduction Rugh tells us that the book will teach you how to position yourself to increase your personal hourly rate by being a healthier, better boss, leader and person. Fundamentally, it is all about narrowing your focus to how much you can earn per hour. Rugh also states “by the end of the book, if you follow my direction, you will be able to make good money and work only a few hours a week doing the things that you don't want to be doing and focusing on the things in life that are important to you.” It all sounds good, now lets see what the book contains.

The book divides itself into three parts, Getting Started, Bending Time and Be Happy. Within each section Rugh discusses such topics as taking risks, making a plan, investing in yourself, learning to lead, leveraging your free time, automating your business, changing your environment, be happy and make others happy, learn to listen, accepting setbacks, and a host of other tips. For example, when discussing taking risks, Rugh rightfully advices us that we should never bet anything you are not willing to lose. In the section dealing with plan making, he explores three “M” ingredients to succeed: model, management and money. Looking into the concept of leadership, he stresses that it is all about attitude or being a person other people respect.

Is there anything new here that is not contained in thousands of business books? No, however, I have to admit that the Rugh's folksy writing style is seductive and if you have never read a similar book, then this is a good place to start that will provide you with a practical tour of indispensable business principles necessary in helping you attain success. It is the kind of advice that is essential in structuring sound business skills, as well as furnishing you with a whole host of weapons that will assist you in competing with businesses that may have more resources than you. Moreover, Rugh's passion for succeeding in the business world fills every page, and as you read, you may even find your own passion impacted by his tips. Will you earn $10,000 an hour? That is another matter.

Chris Rugh is a successful entrepreneur with irrepressible passion for business and life. He launched Custom Toll Free as a DBA of Rugly Holdings Inc. in 1997. Custom Toll Free has since become the nation’s leading vanity telephone number search firm. Fortune 500 companies and well recognized brands such as 1-800-CONTACTS, Comcast, and Best Buy are among the company’s valued clients. Revenues at Custom Toll Free have escalated dramatically every year since launch and during the worst recession in history they grew 30% or more. The company employs happily employs only seven core team members and slightly fewer than 100 more through outsource arrangements and the leveraging of human capital and technology.

Click Here To Purchase 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 An Hour