ISBN-10: 14022541: 13: 978-1402254123

Publisher: Source Books

If you are a writer intent on getting into print, then Mike Nappa’s little book will unravel some of the mysteries behind why publishers may not be as interested as you think in what you write.

The author’s advice is sharp, at times hard hitting, brutal, a little cocky, and certainly straight to the point. This is no surprise considering that Mr Nappa has worked on all sides of the fence and has plenty of experience as a successfully published author, agent and book publisher. The contents contain more than enough reasons to consider whether you are really cut out to become an author – but the author counteracts each reason for rejection with some suggestions to avoid the pitfalls. This should be seen as encouraging and the practical advice offered is well intended and should be heeded by every would-be author who can expect to benefit from Nappa’s advice and experience.

Even seasoned authors with several successful titles already under their belts should never allow themselves to ever become complacent, so by reading what Nappa has to say from time to time will help keep them on their toes. Although much of what is written is down to earth commonsense, Nappa offers real life examples of how author’s sometimes ignore the blatantly obvious. Although some cannot resist telling a CEO of a publishing company that he had made a big mistake by not accepting their book, ’77 Reasons …’ delves deeper by considering some less straightforward reasoning behind why your book may be kicked into touch long before it has ever seen the light of day. It also reveals some of psyche behind publishing decisions. For example an author’s book might be rejected because the editor had argued with his wife before coming to work. Some things are inevitable but Nappa doesn’t miss a trick when calling a spade a spade. He even provides advice that includes how authors can overcome poor reviews submitted by those that have read their previous work that have been posted on Amazon (get your family and friends to submit positive reviews) and what to do to attract a publisher when your work has no previous sales record. All interesting and intriguing stuff yet wisely stated and useful if you want to play publishers at their own game.

This book is really a mine of useful information for the experienced as well as the novice writer. Anyone who dreams of earning a crust from writing should consider buying a copy and be unafraid of thumbing through its contents. Who knows – Mike Nappa’s well intended advice might make all the difference next time you consider presenting a manuscript to a publisher.

If you want your writing to be taken seriously, this book is thoroughly recommended.

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