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Author: Krishna Dalal : Jessica Warrwick, Illustrator
Publisher:One Word Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9833245-0-8

Sardoodledom is a fun way for kids to start the school year. This wonderfully illustrated tale, not to be confused with tail, is a light and silly story about Chloe and her friends as they prepare and participate in their school spelling bee. Sardoodledom is Chole's favorite word. It means overly dramatic, almost unbelievable, and that explanation is the appropriate definition for the events of the spelling bee.

Ryan loves words that rhyme and there are plenty of them here. Juan loves knock, knock jokes and finds ways to create them with every spelling bee word given by Mr. Harrison. Hannah loves words but dreads homophones. What is a homophone you ask? It's a word that sounds exactly like another word but is spelled completely different. As the spelling begins a bee comes along and lands on Mr. Harrison's nose. And that's when the excitement begins.

Young readers will love the rhymes, jokes, oxymoron’s and palindromes that fill the pages. Teachers and parents will be excited to pick up this book to share with kids. Young readers will giggle with every turn of the page as they learn what an oxymoron and palindrome are and they will have even more fun learning the knock knock jokes.

***Krishna Dalal has participated and placed in numerous spelling bees in her youth. These experiences not only led to a love of words and a pair of nerdy glasses, they inspired her first children's book. The road from investment banking to teaching (and a few careers in between) always had a fork in writing. Professionally, she started One Word Publishing in 2011 and published her first book, Sardoodledom: A Spelling Bee Tale. She hopes to follow up with not only more children's books, but a novel or two also. Krishna resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, Jayesh, and son, Vihaan. Hobbies (other than reading and writing) include anything active and outdoors (basketball, snowboarding, running, soccer, etc.).

(The above biography was provided to by the author or her representative)

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