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Author: Tom Evans
Publisher: O-Books
ISBN: 978 84694 459 8

Don’t you just love those cartoon images of light bulbs lighting up above a character’s head when s/he has a great idea?  They represent “light bulb moments” - those sudden instances of inspiration that emanate from the creative spark that brings forth a new idea. 

Would you like to have light bulb moments?  Would you like to know how to have your light bulb moments come to fruition?  Would you like to learn how to tap into your creative muse on-demand?   Author Tom Evans passionately believes these are all possible and in an easy-to-read informal and conversational style, he gently and enthusiastically guides the reader, step-by-step, in the “how-to’s.”

Dividing the book in two (Part One: Art; Part Two: Science), Evans begins with the basics of what a Light Bulb Moment is and what stops such moments from happening.

At the end of each chapter, the author suggests exercises (“Illuminations” in part one; “Crystallizations” in part two) that encourage the reader on his/her journey towards creating light bulb moments and in the conversion of those light bulb moments into actual applications. A natural educator, he also provides Flashbacks – short chapter key points - for review purposes.  His love of words, especially alternative meanings of words and his use of acronyms (e.g. IDEA, MAGIC) shines through the book to add to the enjoyment of this highly interactive and educational book.

The book is filled with information from an intriguing variety of sources which can generate unlimited light bulb moments in one’s life: the worlds of quantum physics, religion, technology, history and business; the work of Robert Sheldrake, Walt Disney, Mike Southon, Carl Jung, and Tony Buzan; the concepts of The Six Thinking Hats, The Four Elements, Mind Mapping, meditative practices, the superconsciousness, WYSIWYG, IKIWISI, Unified Modelling Language (UML) Whole Brain Thinking, Dreams, the importance of breath in moving towards moments of inspiration, the MBTI (Myers Briggs Temperment Indicator) and much more.

The uniquely creative chapter titles: Maps in Your Mind … The Devil on Your Shoulder … Collective Thoughts … The In-Spirational Breath …. The Cascade of Creativity … The Wisdom of Crowds … Magic Moments … A Whole New Mind immediately pull the reader in to this creatively written book. Evans is not just a non-fiction author, but a visionary, inventor, businessman, poet, educator, ‘techie’ and more, whose life epitomizes the thesis of this book … everyone is creative; everyone can have light bulb moments.  

Clearly, when Evans had the idea for writing The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments book, it was a stunning Light Bulb Moment! 

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