Author: Paul Bishop

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Yeah, enough," Cole said.  The flesh wound down his back, caused by the bullet from Rex's gun, had stopped bleeding after being submerged in the cold water of the marina, but it still stung like hell.  "I have been locked up in a mental institution, chased, threatened, used for target practice, deceived, battered, and half drowned all as a result of some wild goose chase over Elvis still being alive.  I've tried being a good guy, tried to do the right thing with the options I've been given, but enough is enough.  I don't want a tour of your damn boat. I want some answers, and I want them now."

According to author Paul Bishop, Suspicious Minds has been in his “trunk” for some time, a book his publishers wouldn’t accept. It just wasn’t like his other novels they have successfully put out, police procedurals like Hot Pursuit, Deep Water, Penalty Shot and five novels in his L.A.P.D. Detective Fey Croaker series. Still on the force himself, Bishop is also currently co-starring in the ABC reality series Take the Money and Run as a skilled interrogator investigating where contestants have hidden briefcases full of cash. So why not bring out a favorite MS from his trunk to add to his other projects in 2011?

Like other authors capitalizing on the ease of E-book publishing, Bishop decided to bring out Suspicious Minds on his own, and an entertaining romp it is. It opens like a typical cops vs. gangsters exchange in 1977 when DEA agent Gordy Fontaine is certain the druglord he is after has faked his death. He’s right—the kingpin has made a deal with the FBI to be hidden away in a witness protection program. Things aren’t so typical when Fontaine disrupts the funeral service to remove the coffin lid to see who’s inside. Things become even less typical when Fontaine runs to an old friend for help—Elvis Presley. Shortly after, both men disappear, one the whole world thinks is dead, the other a rogue cop on the run.

Flash forward to 1996 when Elvis impersonator Cole Ramsey gets a phone call from, well, apparently Elvis asking for his help. Cole’s cop sister thinks she can help out this strange guy claiming he needs to get important information to a DEA agent named Gordy Fontaine. The DEA claims they never heard of him. Then Cole learns the Elvis he was supposed to meet was kidnapped off the streets and hustled to a sanitarium. Cole decides to break Elvis out. Meantime, various sets of FBI and DEA agents start sniffing around with various agendas . . . and that druglord has plans for a rebirth that go beyond what his old network was capable of.

In this vivid yarn, the first mystery is whether or not Elvis survived—but then the puzzle becomes which Elvis is Elvis? What was the real reason he disappeared? Will readers buy into the quirky twists and turns that should keep you guessing as the hunt goes to sea, in underground tunnels, at a railway station, and rocking on stage? Yes, Suspicious Minds can get far-fetched, but it has serious points to make as well. There are places where Elvis may still be in the building after all.    

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