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Author: Jason Henderson
Publisher: Harper Teen

What is it like to be the great, great, great grandson of the famous vampire slayer Van Helsing? Well, it's exciting! Alex Van Helsing is back on the hunt for vampires. As a student/agent of the Polidorium, a multinational organization that fights against the supernatural all over the world, head-quartered at Lake Geneva. Like his grandfather, Alex has vampires as his main nemesis. Hiding out amongst other teens at Glenarvon Academy, he passes himself off as just another kid attending a private school. The history of this school and even this exact area, will soon reveal all of it's secrets to Alex. Many famous historical persons have spent time at Lake Geneva and some have even assisted the Polidorium. The great Van Helsing himself spent a lot of time at Glenarvon long before it got its name.

As the vampire Elle and the Scholomance come after him, he realizes that his friends will be in danger. He had almost lost friends before and he couldn't let it come down to that again. With the recent fire at his school Alex and the other boys must move into the neighboring girls school, LaLaurie. With the help of Sangster, his mentor and the Polidoruim, Alex must stop Ultravox, a leader of the Scholomance with a deadly viral voice. But, this may all end with the arrival of Alex's parents. They are concerned and want him to come home. Well, his mother wants him to come home because she fears he is in danger and his father feels he will be fine in the hands of the Polidorium. Alex knows his mother is right, she is a practicing witch with her very own convent and his father was a vampire slayer with the Polidorium. He is now retired. It really didn't matter to Alex one way or the other, he was going to stay. He has to, in order to stop Ultravox and Elle from spreading a deadly virus at LaLaurie.

This novel is the second installment of a series written by Jason Henderson. This is an excellent book for all teens but especially boys. It has monsters and excitement to keep them turning the pages and wanting more. If you missed Vampire Rising, you can still follow along with Voice of the Undead, each book can stand all on its own.

Jason Henderson has written for games and comic books, including an upcoming series for Marvel.You can visit him online.

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