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Author: Noreen Renier

Publisher:  Adams Media ( A division of F+W Media, Inc)

ISBN: 13: 978-1-4405-0623-9

The author of The Practical Psychic is Noreen Renier, a psychic detective and one of the few psychics to ever lecture at the FBI academy. Ms. Renier’s book is built upon the premise that everyone is psychic to some degree and with training can increase his or her sensitivity to psychic phenomenon.

If there were such a course as Psychic Skills 101, The Practical Psychic would be the primer for the course. Through exercise after exercise the book teaches you how to build your own awareness of intuition and psychic skills within yourself.

The book is broken into many pertinent sections including an introduction on why psychic abilities matter. A key point the author makes in this section is that while she – and most other people – don’t understand how electricity works it doesn’t stop us from taking full advantage of the benefits it offers. She points out the same should be true of psychic abilities, we don’t have to understand how they work in order to take advantage of the many benefits they bring us. She then points out that many inventors, artists and even statesmen have been known to rely on their intuition for guidance and inspiration. They sought answers from outside the realm of their daily, rational minds.

The next chapter of the book deals with enhancing your intuition through the use of meditation. The author points out that meditation helps quiet the nearly constant “chatter” of our human minds and allows in those moments of quiet and understanding to make leaps of intuition and insight because we are better able to hear, and receive, advice coming from our higher selves. She also includes exercises in several different forms of meditation to help you find one that is a good fit for your style.

Other chapters of the book explore subjects such as the use of affirmations to manifest goals and how to appropriately word such affirmations; the use of visualization techniques both on their own and as an adjunct to the use of affirmations and using both of these techniques to attract the things you want for your life.

The author also explores the field of mind-body healing. She approaches this both from the holistic point of view which acknowledges a connection between the state of the mind and the state of the body, and through the use of the above-mentioned techniques of meditation, affirmations and visualization to bring about changes in the body’s state of being. She holds that through these techniques it is possible to “reprogram” your body and help to bring about a healthier state of being.

Remote viewing is also covered in the text. It has a basis in documented practice and can be used to view different places, different planets and even different things in time and space. I found an example of this from another chapter in the book that dealt with the psychic detective. In the case under discussion the author described the perpetrator of a crime, gave his initial as being an “R” and gave the fact he would be thirty-two when he was found guilty of the crime. When presented with pictures of possible suspects in the crimes none of the pictures matched the man who the psychic had seen; however, the criminal was in fact only nineteen-years-old at that moment in time. Later, through DNA evidence he was arrested. His name did have an initial of “R”, he was thirty-two-years-old when convicted AND his appearance at that time matched the drawing the author and a sketch artist had made all those years earlier. The author had looked beyond the restrictions of time and space when she had received her psychic input about the crime.

While the book contains much other interesting material, the key point of all of it is that anyone can train him or herself to become psychically aware. Just as you can train each of your five “normal” sense to be more alert and aware, you can also train your psychic senses through the many techniques and exercises presented in this book. I found the book to be very enlightening and plan to try to put a new technique into use every week or two to begin to develop my psychic senses just as I develop my other senses.

Click Here To Purchase The Practical Psychic: A No-Nonsense Guide to Developing Your Natural Abilities