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Author: Todd Borg

Publisher: Thriller Press

ISBN: 978-193129619-9

A great mystery set in Lake Tahoe with a great detective, Owen McKenna, which you do not see too much of anymore and a greater dog, Great Dane, Spot.

On a lovely cruise on Lake Tahoe, one of the largest tourist boats' The Tahoe Dreamscape,  was taking a charter around the lake to Emerald Bay.  Suddenly, a hijacker grabs a passenger and dangles the passenger over the rail while demanding to talk to Owen McKenna, a former San Francisco Detective who now runs his own Private Investigation Office in Tahoe.  The hijacker threatens to set off a bomb on the boat if Owen is not called and he really means business.  When Owen arrives on the boat the hijacker demands that he arrest a local man, Thomas Watson, for the murder of Grace Sun, which was an unsolved murder case in San Francisco that McKenna had worked three years previously.  While McKenna talks to the hijacker, other policemen are surrounding the boat in hopes of capturing him without anyone getting hurt.  When McKenna says that he will try his best the hostage taker doesn't like that answer and threatens to blow the boat up with everyone aboard.  When the hijacker starts forward to kill the hostage he trips and falls overboard himself.  The part of the lake that the boat is on is the deepest part of the lake and the hijacker disappears into the water never to be seen again.  

McKenna decides to investigate even though the hijacker is gone and he discovers that Grace's daughter, Anna, is being targeted by the person that killed her mother.  She is also being sought after by a militia group who seem to think that Anna has information regarding a hidden treasure from the California Gold Rush Days.  McKenna and his wonderful dog race to find and protect Anna and to also find Grace's murderer.

This is a fascinating book, full of surprises and readers will be amazed at some of the continuous action.  Lake Tahoe is a great setting and, by the descriptions, extremely beautiful.  The characters were very likeable and the writing is first class.  Also, beautiful art work. Owen McKenna is an interesting character and, being a dog person, I fell in love with his pet Great Dane.  This dog is a very important part of the book as he is a fabulous helper to his master.  A wonderful mystery/history/suspense novel.

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