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Author: Mark Smythe

ISBN: 9780982270400

Publisher: Mark Smythe


The Snowman’s Revenge

A blanket of white covered the ground

The air was so cold you could and there was hardly a sound

The wind was blowing and hollowing so strong

Creating snowdrifts and singing it’s own special song

Kids throughout the town would cheer and jump for joy

Today there would be no school for any girl or boy

Bundled up with coats, boots and gloves they went out and made a giant ball

Then rolled another and another to making a huge snowman so tall

With his hat, jacket, scarf, shovel and smile on his round face

When they were done they left him there standing alone in one place

Well our snowman would not take this without a good fight

He decided leaving him in the cold was just not right

Angry, mad and feeling left out

He decided to find a way to make those kids pout

Drinking hot cocoa, near a warm fireplace and cozy inside

Our snowman decided to find a warm place to hide

But, little did he realize what happens when he’s out of the cold

Sweating, dripping water not acting so very bold

The more he watched the children the angrier he got that night

So his next plan was to scare them and give them a good fright

What happens to our snowman I cannot tell all

But let’s just say he’s no longer quite so tall!


Are the children safe from his wrath and anger? Will he get even with them and teach them a lesson not to leave him or anyone else out in the cold alone and by themselves? You are going to have to read this adorable well-illustrated book to find out the fate of the children and the snowman for yourself.

A group of children decide to build a huge snowman and leave him out in the cold. But, this is not any ordinary snowman. He comes alive and wants to have fun drinking hot chocolate, playing games with the children and staying warm. He’s clever, cunning and creates his own plan to get even with the kids that deserted him and left him to freeze outside in the cold. Just like any child who does not want to be isolated or alone, neither does our snowman. But, the children never realize that he’s angry or upset. I wonder what would have happened if they did?

Author Mark Smythe brings to light an important issue about that many children face today. Although this is about a snowman being left by himself when the children are finished building him. It does bring to light that many kids feel isolated and alone when they are not included in the fun that other kids have too. With illustrations that are so life like and realistic this book comes to life in so many respects. The faces of the children, the anger on the snowman’s face and the chill in the air can be felt just by looking at the pictures. The cover of the book really says it all as you see the children singing and drinking something hot and the poor snowman staring at them from outside the window. All children want to be part of the group and so does our snowman. But, I guess he never realized that maybe he needed to find a colder place to stay because a warm welcome- well you figure it out.

The next time you build a snowman and leave him out in the cold make sure he understands its for his own good and that you will be back the next day to check on him. You never know: He just might come alive! Great story that teaches children the meaning of including others, not deserting friends and just making you feel cooler on a hot summer’s day like today. This is a great book for teachers to read aloud in school and a great bedtime story. The Snowman’s Revenge is one book that every young child should read.

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