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Authors: Arnold Francis and Robert Luxenberg

Publishers: Greenleaf Book Group Press (October 1, 2011)

ISBN-10: 1608321878:   ISBN-13: 978-1608321872


There are seminars out there teaching authors that not all books need be ends in themselves. Instead, books can serve as “calling card” marketing tools for wider business ventures. Published titles can give writers bona fides in their field, hopefully set the stage for publicity and media interviews, and, of course, steer readers to websites where visitors can purchase products, sign up for programs, or seek a writer’s advice and guidance depending on what the author is trying to do.

Normally, such books are described as non-fiction, but from time to time writers dramatize their perspectives and philosophies in novels. Such is the case with The Third Q by Arnold Francis and Robert Luxenberg. The story revolves around Zoro Montana, a sort of “Everyman” haunted by fears he was responsible for past family tragedies and thus destined to fail in all his endeavors. Then, he’s hired as a limo chauffeur by sophisticated millionaire Maximilian Cisary who seems to know much about Zoro’s past, present, and even future. In circumstances slightly reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code, Max is on the hunt for a mysterious lost sketch containing the power of the name of God. He’s also eager to teach Zoro the secrets of transforming his life through metaphysical awareness in his mind and spirit. Max and Zoro aren’t alone looking for the lost sketch—they’re dogged by Conrad Mason who’s with the powerful Pantheon Corporation. Conrad and his minions are quite willing to use violence to get the sketch themselves by hook or crook. 

But the plot isn’t really the point. Along the way, Max and Zoro spend considerable time in the limo discussing what Max wants to teach his protegee in between tracing trails that lead to a series of dead ends and red herrings. For long sections, readers might be forgiven for thinking Max is stringing Zoro—and us—along as the tidbits of wisdom are sparing in between the often seemingly unrelated episodes. Not surprising, everything comes together in the final chapters when Zoro finally grasps Max’s lessons, implements his new understanding, and ultimately becomes a teacher himself.    To say more about what the “Third Q” consists of would be a spoiler, but suffice it to say readers could quickly skim the first hundred pages or so to get to the chapters containing what the book intends to share. 

In fact, now that Zoro has the answers, the authors want you to dig deeper into their insights and will offer Unlocking The Secrets: A Third Q Book, an E-book that will be released at the same time as the novel. They also encourage one and all to visit their website, to learn about “celebrating the awakening of the power that lies just below the surface of a mediocre life.”

So it’s possible to see The Third Q on its own, the story of the evolution of one character wrapped in several circles of family and historical mysteries with that character’s ultimate redemption and transformation as the climax and denouement. But if you close the book and look no further, you might not get the pay-off the writers hope for.

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