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Authors: Lisa Montierth, illustrated by Ashley Burke

Publishers: Craigmore Creations

ISBN: 13: 978-0-9844422-2-5

Right Where You Are Now is a children’s book that is sure to delight young readers with its bright illustrations and interesting storyline. It is about all the things that used to exist during prehistoric times right where your home is today.

Right Where You Are Now will foster your child’s imagination and storehouse of knowledge with the information it contains about the geologic activity of prehistoric times and facts related to plants and animals of the same era.

The book would need to be read to younger children due to the vocabulary, and older children may need help with some of the words until they become more familiar with them, but if your child is fascinated by dinosaurs, volcanoes and glaciers then this book is for them. There is information regarding animals that lived in the waters and on the land across what is now the United States. It also speaks of volcanic activity in the Pacific Northwest and of a series of great floods that are thought to have occurred when the ice dam that held back the glacial lake Missoula broke.

I found that even as an adult I learned new facts. I had never heard of an uintatherium before – yes the visual dictionary includes this word and its pronunciation – nor was I familiar with the Missoula Flood, mentioned above, before I read this book.

While this book contains a lot of information, it’s presented in a very appealing manner that will make children want to read it. The pages are bright and colorful, and the illustrations make children wonder what comes next. The facts are presented in a manner that encourages the curiosity of young readers and the passages of reading material are short ones. The book itself is 26 pages and it packs a lot of interesting facts into each and every page. I am so impressed with it I plan to buy a couple of copies to use as presents for my grandson, niece and nephews.

Click Here To Purchase Right Where You Are Now