Click Here To Purchase Into Your Dreams: Decipher your unique dream symbology to transform your waking life

Author: Janece O. Hudson, EdD

Publisher: Adams Media (a division of F + W Media, Inc.)

ISBN 13 978-1-4405-1267-4

Into Your Dreams is presented in two sections. The first section deals with understanding your dreams and covers such topics as what are dreams according to the major dream theorists, including two of whom I had previously not heard of as well as basic types of dreams and basic guidelines for interpreting them. It then suggests you begin a dream diary that records both your dreams and your interpretation when you have one. It points out that there are occasions where the meaning of the dream will become clear with the passage of time and/or the unfolding of events, but that you must have recorded the dreams in order to go back and truly understand them. It also suggests you keep the materials for your dream journal on a bedside table where you can access it before getting out of bed when your dreams are most easily recalled.

Successive chapters in Into Your Dreams deal with the people in your dreams; flora, fauna and other creatures in your dreams; settings, clothing and objects in your dreams; transportation, signposts and maps in your dreams; what’s going on in your dreams; exceptional dreams and consciously directing your dreams. While most of these categories of dreams are self-explanatory the final three categories deserve further explanation.

The chapter “What’s Going On?” deals with the meaning of the actions one performs in a dream as well as the emotions associated with the dream. The chapter “Exceptional Dreams” explores dreams that could be termed psychic or transformative in nature, dreams of past lives, dreams of dead people and recurring dreams. The final chapter of the first section “Consciously Directing Your Dreams” covers the topic of lucid dreaming, using hypnosis either to trigger a specific dream or to return to a dream. Also covered is using guided imagery and relaxation which while not actual dreaming, can be used to solve problems, remove creative or mental blocks, and engage in a sort of meditation among other things. Dream incubation, the process of inducing a dream through ritual in order to gain insight or the answer to a particular question, which is a process that has been in use since ancient times, is also covered in some detail.

The final section of the book is a dictionary of the various meanings of items that appear in your dreams. This section essentially follows the guidelines of the previous chapters but lists items individually rather than by category. For example you may dream of seeing a doctor on a sailboat, in which case you would look up the individual meaning of dreaming of a doctor and the meaning of being on a sailboat. Then you would look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to figure out which category of needs your dream seems to be falling into and from there try to find an interpretation of the dream.

Into Your Dreams offered a few theories on dreams that I wasn’t familiar with already and it uses a background of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to help interpret dreams. Into Your Dreams also offers examples from the dreams of individuals to help learn how to interpret dreams. Aside from these few things Into Your Dreams was really just another dream interpretation book. It offers the usual list of items you might come across in your dreams, both within the actual chapters, and as a sort of dream dictionary in the second section of the book. While some of these meanings were different than those I had previously encountered most of them were the same, perhaps being drawn from the same resources.

Click Here To Purchase Into Your Dreams: Decipher your unique dream symbology to transform your waking life