Click Here To Purchase My Bonus Mom: Taking the Step out of Stepmom

Author:Tami Butcher
Publisher: Five Star Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-58985-081-1

Divorce is difficult for parents and especially the kids. The children involved don't always understand and will put the blame on themselves. The best solution for this problem is to sit down with your kids and talk to them. Help them understand that they are not the problem. If you need a little visual help, introduce your young children to My Bonus Mom.

Not all stepparents are bad. Tami Butcher helps parents and children communicate their feelings with this wonderfully illustrated book. The core of this story comes from her own personal experiences as a young girl. Young readers can identify with the children in this book and will enjoy reading it over and over again.

The story Butcher shares is about three sisters who are experiencing divorce. Both parents are upset but they are assured it is not at them. Soon they are spending certain days with mom and every other weekend with dad. As they get the hang of the new schedule they find that birthdays and Christmas are double the fun with double the gifts. Even the dog has adapted. All seems well until dad brings along a new friend to meet them. The girls find that they enjoy her very much and would like to get to know her.

Butcher does a great job of showing readers that a new stepparent is a bonus. Readers will find through the rhythmic verse that stepparents are just people they will learn to love and in return they will be loved twice as much. This is a great story to share with children aged 5 to 8.

Click Here To Purchase My Bonus Mom: Taking the Step out of Stepmom