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Author: Lori Wilde

ISBN: 9780446502054

Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

 Lori Wilde, is an accomplished romance author, was a RITA finalist in the Romance Writers of America, and a three-time Romantic Times nominee for Best Romantic Comedy. Other titles include: Addicted to Love, Once Smitten Twice Shy, There Goes the Bride, You Only Love Twice, Mission: Irresistible, Charmed and Dangerous, and License to Thrill. She resides in Texas.

When attorney, Jillian Samuels career took a nose-dive after a bitter betrayal, leaving her jobless and heart-broken, she thought the newly inherited cottage in Salvation, Colorado was just what she needed to start over and heal. But when she arrives, she finds Tucker Manning residing there instead. Confused, the two agree to live together until they can resolve just who it is who really inherited the cottage in the small mountain community. Tucker, still grieving over the loss of his wife two years ago, and Jillian, unable to trust in love or fairy tales, discover that more than a property dispute is at risk here when things between them heat up, it’s their hearts as well!

This book is part of the Wedding Veil Wishes series by this author, and I think there are four books total. I found this book delightful and funny. There was a strong element when referring to the deceased wife, and you could feel your heart breaking for Tucker. It’s always difficult to have a young character as a widower, because you have to make the plot realistic to the situation. I found this very true-to-life and didn’t question the characters motives surrounding the issue. The setting was perfect, as it provided both an escape and sanctuary for the characters. The wedding veil and back-story was cute, adding just a bit of fairy tale without over-doing it. Without having to issue a spoiler alert, I thought that how the property dispute came to be and its resolve was cleverly done. The plot flowed smoothly, was well-paced, and difficult to put down. I loved the secondary characters in the small town, as well as Jillian’s friends. Remind me to never get in a sweat lodge for a vision quest! And, may I add, Mutt was just endearing! 

All of Me, by Lori Wilde, is a feel-good, sweet, and charming book that you simply must read!

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