Click Here To Purchase The Beatles Discography: Volume One - The 60's

Author: Stephen E Donnelly

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6924-6

I absolutely love books that deal in rock history especially those that take me through a potted discography to reveal the soul of a group. I also love the Beatles who, along with the Beach Boys, contributed so much to my teenage years – and for that matter still do.

The author of this book, a self-proclaimed Beatles addict, has done a superb job in researching and collating the entire 1960s to December 1970 catalogue of the Liverpool band and, as a non-fiction author, I appreciate the amount of time and energy that goes into researching any work of this kind. But Stephen E Donnelly appears to have left no stone unturned in his quest for cataloguing the extensive recordings of the Fab Four. Every LP, EP and 45rpm single for the period is included. The story begins at Star Club (Hamburg) with the recording of My Bonnie for the Polydor label featuring Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers released on 23 October 1961 (was it really that long ago?) and each disc entry includes an identifying photograph. The book is organised in three, easy to follow, sections; Release Discography, Chronological Song Directory and Index. It also includes some very interesting recordings such as an LP featuring Ringo Starr (as the voice of Badfinger) with Peter Sellers and the Ken Thorne Orchestra released on the Commonwealth United label (a label I previously had not heard of) on 11 February 1970 to promote the film The Magic Christian.

The book contains an absolute wealth of interest for any fan of The Beatles in this fabulous book that will, no doubt produce many surprises. In addition the solo releases and special issue record recordings by the group, the release dates, recording numbers, labels and full track information is included.

Although this book carries a hefty cover price tag of $69.95 it will be a must for every Beatles aficionado, record collector, dealer and EBay record trader. I don’t know how long it took for the author to compile all the information – though doubtless he tells us somewhere – but I cannot wait for the next promised volume.

Click Here To Purchase The Beatles Discography: Volume One - The 60's