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Author: Sharquent Webster

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-6445-6

If I am to be truthful I found this book very depressing if only because it highlights so many of the things that are wrong with our modern society and the problems created by illegal drugs. The author was is the seventh of ten children. Before she could comprehend what was happening to her she was sexually abused by her older brother and was raped, developed a solvent and drug addiction and had become a hardened thief before she was old enough to drive. Life really could not get much lower as the author went on to experience the squalors of society, hooked on PCP and crack. This is the life told in 62 surprisingly short chapters of Sharquent Webster, a coloured girl living in the slums of South Central Los Angeles.

What surprised me the most is that Sharquent survived the horrific ordeals that confronted her – not only confronted them but eventually, after several attempts to get back on the straight and narrow, she managed to turn her life completely around. I am not a religious person, but I admire the way that the author managed to drag herself from being a wild violent hoodlum that sold her body for drugs and beat up other people on the way, to become a reformed citizen that helped others find a path to righteousness.

There is no denying that her journey was extremely painful. Her two children, who were taken from her and put into care because of her neglect of them. Her relationships with their drug taking fathers broke down and the author often resorted to sleeping rough in what she terms ‘abandominiums’ –soulless squats that had been left abandoned as unfit for human habitation. She was shot in the back by a crack dealer but somehow survived the ordeal to return to the streets and a life of drug drenched depravation. Eventually Sharquent stumbled on a woman’s rehabilitation home and ministry called Victory Outreach, but at first refused to accept their rules. Eventually they won through to her and she was encouraged by the sisters of the mission to re-discover herself by developing a belief in God. When her period at Victory Outreach had come to an end she was not permitted to leave; instead she was sent to take charge of one of the missions in San Diego. And, although the road for her remained tough she eventually beat her addictions.

Twenty years after stumbling on the Victory Outreach programme, Sharquent has established a new, meaningful life and is now married with three children. But the path to her present life has been littered with some of the most appalling experiences anyone could throw at her and in retrospect she is perhaps very lucky to still be alive. Despite finding the book hard going at times – this is because I have no experience of the lifestyle (if it warrants being called a lifestyle) that Sharquent led. Nevertheless her book should be made readily available free of charge as prescribed reading to everyone that becomes hooked on drugs or has fallen to the lowest levels of society. If people who need to read her story could, it might prove to them that with sufficient help and belief there is always a hope of turning their lives around.

Click Here To Purchase He Kan't Kill Your Future: For I Know the Plans I Have for You Declares the Lord...