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By Fran Lewis
Published on June 17, 2011

Author: Ilam Herman
ISBN: 978 098 2998793
Publisher: Savant Books


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Author: Ilam Herman

ISBN:978 098 2998793
Publisher: Savant Books
A man is on his knees begging for his life. The trigger is pulled. His family witnesses the shooting before they are executed. From the author of the Gravedigger comes Chan Kim, the story of a young Cambodian mother caught in the crossfire in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, as she witnesses many the atrocities, tortures and heinous crimes inflicted on so many. Khemer Rouge leader Pol Pot wanted to form a Communist peasant farming society. The result was the death of more than 25 percent of the country’s population from overwork, torture and exploitation. Chan Kim watches as the weak, lame and injured are hit, hammered and forced to endure human indignities inflicted at the whim of those in charge. Chan Kim forges ahead on her own, leaving the bodies of those close to her behind. Losing her husband, family and friends she walks tall and does not give up.
 Living in Phnom Penh for many years she is now homeless leaving the body of her precious daughter that was killed behind.  As Chan walked alone in the fields a special woman appeared. Jorani would be her guiding light and her inspiration to reach for a better life, but not for long. Once again Chan Kim witnesses the cruelty and harshness inflicted on the people in Cambodia  as she loses her friend. Alone, afraid and quite ill Chan Kim wakes up in a hospital in Vietnam and here is where her real journey and understanding of whom she really is and her special gift comes to light.
The story takes us to Vietnam where Chan wakes up in a hospital. Greeted by a doctor named Simon the connection is fast, the feelings are strong and the relationship special. Simon realizes early on that Chan has a unique and special gift just looking in her eyes. What happens between them the loyalty and love he shows her renews her spirit, gives her hope and takes her life in a whole new direction. Tired and exhausted she falls asleep. Many people have stated that they have outer body experiences. As Chan watches her spirit leaves her body, take flight and then return she begins to feel free. Hearing the voice of God that brings her back to the present. What this means will definitely surprise the reader.
From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to Vietnam, Australia, California and Culver City take the journey with Chan Kim as she explores her special gift to heal, help humanity and embrace the lives of so many despite the hardships she endured.
As the author introduces the each flame or Pillars a small group of gifted souls, you can visualize each beautiful flame as they introduce themselves to Chan and explain her special gift and her mission. Would you want the power to serve humanity and protect it from chaos and destruction?
With Simon’s strength and help Chan explores her powers, and learns to become part of two distinct and separate worlds. With everything in life there are always conflicts and those with opposite viewpoints as she takes on Avery the spirit of hope, redemption and Tristan the purple flame filled with hostility. Chan learns to channel and use her special gift to heal the sick, stop cruel acts and prevent others from inflicting pain hoping to bring love into many lives. A very powerful and compelling story that spans many countries, generations and time periods with characters that will bring tears to your eyes, and smile on your face.  Author Ilam Herman brings to light the issues of hope, redemption, emotional conflict, discontent in one special woman named Chan Kim.
Leaving Australia after losing Simon, Chan Kim is reunited with her sister and finds her life beginning over again but this time in America. What she learns and finds in this new place will test her faith, courage, understanding and her own self worth. Families change, relationships are fragile as Chan Kim tries to use her special gift to help her sister learn the true meaning of love, life and family. Hear the voices of the characters, listen to the stories that Chan shares with the reader and feel the energy she emits when she flies to the star, her white flame soaring over hills, villages, homes and many other places hoping to heal others and find her own inner peace.
Living in America Chan would learn the true meaning of deceit, betrayal, a child’s love and understanding and what happens when she uses her powers for her own self gain. Where does she finally wind up and what is her destiny? Read this compelling, heartbreaking, inspiring book by author Ilam Herman.

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