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Author: Ilan Herman

Publisher: Savant Books & Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9829-9879-3

In Cambodia,1974, a woman by the name of Chan Kim hears the announcement that is screamed out through a soldier’s megaphone in the streets of her home. All residents must line up to depart because B-52’s are on their way to destroy the town. Chan Kim’s baby, Chavy, is ill, and can barely be moved let alone carted out of town; but there’s no choice. Chan soon joins the rest of her neighbors and friends on the street as they assemble into a line and march into a precarious and unknown future.

As Chan Kim walks, she tries desperately to keep her child alive. Not only does she have to listen to the soldier‘s angry words, but she also has to view the carnage of her friends as they are randomly pulled from the line and shot point blank by the unmerciful soldiers. Chan Kim remembers bits of her past as she’s led by buildings that bring back memories of when she was truly content. She remembers her beloved Boran, who simply up and disappeared from the city one day, to be found later lying on the ground…a soul lost forever. As the horrific “walk” continues, Chan Kim loses the most important creation in her life, and receives an odd “orange flame” and a ghostly voice, begging for her to continue on her path so that Chan can supply “help” to the haunting spirit.

This amazingly strong woman is soon thrown into a world made up of an organization called The Pillars - a group dedicated to saving humanity. Chan Kim tries desperately to help people have a better future by dealing with all aspects of life, including, war, death, peace, love, romance, and the difficult choices that all humans have to make.

Chan wakes up in a hospital in Vietnam being treated by an Australian, Doctor Caldwell, who tells Chan a bone-chilling tale about how he rescued her. The doctor is a kind man who offers his assistance to Chan, and finds himself mesmerized by the odd stars that rest in her eyes. Chan “covers up,” making sure that no one can witness the oddity which even scares dogs away. Yet, there are those who love to look into Chan’s eyes because the brilliance allows them to take their minds off of their own pain.

As Chan goes through life with her unknown powers, she crosses the path of a man by the name of Tristan, who becomes everything from Chan’s true love to her enemy. Chan must find a way to live, and complete her destiny, as she unravels lies, love, and pain. This in-depth tale spans three continents, as Chan Kim faces triumph and calamity - love and betrayal - while doing her best to balance her mortal needs with her mystical powers.

Ilan Herman is a true master of the creative phrase. A reader can actually hear the frightening engines of the B-52’s in the distance, and feel the powerful reverberation of gunshots in their ears as the soldiers take out one innocent after another. Not only are this author’s stories fantastically written, but the combination of innovative plots and multi-dimensional characters “draw” the reader into each and every page. Enjoy!

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