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Author: Victoria Martinez   

Publisher: Who Dares Wins Publishing   
ISBN: 978-1-935712-45-9
Victoria Martinez’s delightful account of relatively unknown and obscure facts about the royal families of Europe, An Unusual Journey through Royal History, which focuses on the British monarchy, but is by no means restricted to it, makes for relaxing and easy reading. Grounded in personally conducted research, all but one of the 18 essays that comprise the work were originally published on Geraldine Voost’s popular website, Unofficial Royalty website, which partly accounts for their light tone, yet informative nature—they are, in short, far from ephemeral.
In An Unusual Journey through Royal History,
Martinez covers a wide range of topics, from male circumcision, through royal portraiture, to sewerage systems. Martinez’s lively and whimsical approach entices and tantalizes the reader’s interest and curiosity in aspects of blue-blooded lineage, consideration of which might never before have entered the person’s mind. As Martinez states, “I’m never more satisfied than when I’ve ‘converted’ someone from a passive or disinterested observer of history into an inquisitive and involved participant in the past.”

Martinez’s imaginative and empathic insights into the peccadilloes and eccentricities of those of royal lineage bring the past to life in a relaxed, offbeat way that is a far cry from the conventional retelling of the past. In her discussion of how the monarchy has changed over the years, she reveals what she truly thinks regarding its relevance to the modern day. Her background in PR enables her to explore the public face of various European monarchies, as it has evolved over the centuries. Many of the topics that she covers have had wide-ranging implications for the dynasties of yore, and have repercussions that stretch even into today. From the divine healing powers of kings, to such longstanding legislation as the Act of Settlement of 1701 and The Royal Marriages Act of 1772, she shows how the behavior of those in power impacted on all strata of society. Martinez’s lack of bias regarding the religious aspects of history is reflected in her own life, as she is a Protestant who is married to a Catholic.
Martinez’s essentially generous and nonjudgmental nature has enabled her to produce a work that is relevant and fascinating, and which should appeal to a wide range of readers, from youngsters seeking escape from what some perceive to be the almost inevitable boredom of the history classroom, through keen followers of the paparazzi, to older adults who love to reminisce about the past. An Unusual Journey through Royal History should prove to be a valuable addition to all school and college libraries, as well as relaxing, yet informative, reading for any private collection.              
 Click Here To Purchase The Kindle Edition of An Unusual Journey Through Royal History