Webinar: Writer With A Day Job
Norm Goldman

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By Norm Goldman
Published on June 7, 2011
The Following Webinar Was Contributed By Writer's Digest

Writer with a Day Job: Creating Balance between Your Work and Your Writing Life

For most writers, the day job—with the salary and the health insurance that often goes with it—is as much part of the writing life as our words on the page. Sure, we all dream of quitting our day jobs and writing “full time,” but the fact of the matter is, with the exception of a few best-selling or celebrity authors, most writers work a day (or night) job. And you know what? Having a day job to support your writing can be a good thing, so long as you’re willing to reconsider how you think about your job and it’s relation to your writerly aspirations. After all, your day job offers you a pre-structured schedule and the worry-free finances you need to actually get do your writing—and that’s just the beginning.
Writer with a Day Job: Creating Balance between Your Work and Your Writing Life looks at ways in which we can fit regular writing into our busy days. As parents and/or as 9–5 workers, the days seem already packed. But The Writer’s Guide to Beating the Daily Grind will help you to re-examine your schedule to find an optimal and regular writing slot—a time that works best for you.

The webinar covers:

  • Attitude adjustment, including the act of regarding yourself as a writer and according your writing due significance in the competing demands and the ""bucket list"" of your life.

  • Scheduling: Find the time. From sun up to bedtime, there has to be 10 minutes in there someplace!

  • Morning writing: What works. What doesn't work.

  • Nighttime writing: What works. What doesn't work.

  • On the commute or on your lunch hour: How to set yourself up for timed writing 

  • Writing at the doctor's office or in other unexpected places: How to get the most from those incidental moments throughout your day.


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