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Author: Diana Hockley

ISBN: 978-0-9870612-9-4
Publisher: Publicious, Australia.
Secrets can be harbored by many and hopefully revealed by none. The Robinson family is tightly knit. They are tied and bound together. A secret so deadly and diabolical if revealed would destroy them all. Those involved promised never to tell what really happened and those that might falter eliminated. Some ties when frayed or worn can be deadly.
Jack Harlow was a womanizer. Edna Robinson his cousin. Both knew this secret and both had to die according to the murderer. But, there’s much more to tell.  Detective Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott is on stress leave so what would make her want to investigate a murder that happened right in front of her eyes. She and her daughter Marli were at the sheepdog trials and witnessed a murder along with 2500 spectators. Problem: the killer got away. No one saw the elusive killer, where he/she neither struck nor understood why Jack Marlow was killed. Susan did not want to stick around for the fireworks, the investigation or the media. Losing the youngest member of her team just two months before, she decided to make a quick exit and leave but not before using the restrooms. Now, what danger could that hold for someone who needed to go to the bathroom? Our Detective Sergeant Prescott encounters poor Edna Robinson doubled and crumbled in the one stall bathroom and immediately enlists her daughter’s help, calls an ambulance and Edna just might live. Pretending to care about Edna and wanting Susan’s information, a young reporter, asks for her contact information so that Edna can thank her properly if she survives.
Called by the hospital to come and visit Edna, Susan unknowingly becomes embroiled in a plot that would endanger her life, the lives of daughters as Edna reveals a secret that she really did not want to know. But, someone overhears her words, thinks she has spilled it all and you can guess the rest. Poor Edna needs to be eliminated. As the doctor in charge revives
dear Edna when she codes no one sees the lone man in the hall just biding his time.  But, no one saw this lone killer as he/she entered Edna’s room and silenced her. Susan does not want to be privy to this information but now she too has become a liability.

Enter Jack’s cousin and her daughter. Daniella Winslow has a hidden secret of her own. Now, that Jack is gone will it remain dormant and never come out? As Daniella and Susan become acquainted an unexpected guest arrives. Adam Marlow is Daniella’s son and the bearer of bad news. Aunt Edna has been murdered leaving her devastated. But, it gets worse. Susan comes face to face with her past as her ex-husband David Maguire alights from the car, enters her home and turns her life upside down in more ways than one.  Introducing him to Marli and explaining that he’s her father creates quite a scene. One seventeen-year-old girl takes the offensive, verbally attacks both parents and poor Susan takes the brunt of Marli’s anger.
As Marli and David bond at dinner our murderer attacks Susan. Asked to help Daniella with Edna’s effects, she comes across some photos that might identify the killer. Obviously the murderer agreed with her find and made sure they were destroyed. But, were they all? A cast of characters filled with quirks, squeaks, and hidden stories of their own it becomes quite a feat to try and question all of the members of this family and find one killer before he/she strikes next. But, just when things are getting almost underway or somewhat under control, one belligerent, loud and definitely defiant seventeen-year-old turns up and things take a heated turn. Yes, you guessed it the errant Brittany has returned home hoping to create havoc, take control of Marli and insult her mother. But, she is about to meet her match and things are about to change. Added to that one Senior Constable is attacked and the truth has yet to be uncovered and wait until you meet his wife.
Will Susan return to her job as a detective? Will she remain on the farm with the girls and deal with the Robinson family? One killer whose life would change if the secret were exposed? One family caught in a web of lies, deceit, murder and treachery to protect their own. How far would you go to protect the ones you love? A story told through the eyes of Susan as you hear her thoughts, understand her frustrations, wipe away her tears and feel the pain that she endures throughout this outstanding novel.
Just what is this hidden conspiracy that would send their lives in a tailspin? Who is behind the murders and why were they committed? What will the end result be between David, Susan, Marli and Brittany? Author Diana Hockley created a plot so intricate, so filled with twists, turns and surprises you won’t see the end coming even if you are Jessica Fletcher or Poirot. She keeps the reader in suspense until the very end.  
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