Title:  I Love To Swim
Author:Rita Goldberg
Publisher:Launch Pad Publishing, Inc. 2010
ISBN: 9780982723203

Follow a young boy as he swims around in his mommy's tummy. Once he arrives he learns to swim for real. His mommy gets this little guy comfortable with playing in the tub and getting used to being in the water. He loves the warm water it reminds him of being in his mommy's tummy. He splishes and splashes and is not afraid. As he grows his mommy takes him for swim lessons. It's an indoor pool with lots of room to jump and shout. He makes new friends and sings the Hokey Pokey, Wheels on the Bus and London Bridges. He can blow bubbles and pretend to look for fishies under the sea. He learns to float on his back, the backstroke and butterfly. He and his friends learn all about pool safety.

In the back of the book are original drawings from the winners of the British Swim School Drawing Competition. This book was inspired when the British Swim School was opened in 1992. Parents and teachers will love this book as an introduction to kids who love to swim or want to learn.


Title: The Deep Black Pond
Author:Morgan Kostival
Publisher: Strategic Book Group
ISBN: 978-1-60976-486-9

Did you ever wonder what creatures lurk in the midst of a murky, dark, scum filled pond? Kositval will take readers away to a forest and desert island, that rests in the middle of a treacherous ocean. Below the surface readers will meet a King who lives alone and creates pond scum creatures to keep him company. There is Lilly, Queen of the water lilies, who spends her day chasing the rays of the sun that get past the thick dark forest. Baron Sheldon who lives in a bubble of marsh gas. Qurgo a once great warrior. The Pee Wee are there too, and they look like pink jelly beans with big blue eyes. The story is about Baron Sheldon reaching out to make friends with other creatures of the pond. He sends his messengers and they are eaten and never deliver his kind words. The Baron thinks if these creatures don't want to be his friends then will be his enemies. And so the story begins.

Young readers will be fascinated by Kostival's vividly imagined creatures that lurk in this darkness of a pond. Kids will enjoy this story that will teach about differences, loneliness and friendship.


Title: I Wish Daddy Was Here
Author:Katherine DeMille
Publisher: Tate Publishing, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60799-858-7

Serena loves her daddy. When he comes home from work they read books, play games and play outside. One day he must go away because he is in the military. Her mommy promises they will do fun things together while daddy is away. In the spring they go to the zoo. In the summer they go to the beach. In the fall they play outside. In the winter they read a book. Serena is very sad until she hears her name. It's daddy and he has come home.

Kids will love this colorfully illustrated book and Serena romps through all of the season waiting for her daddy to come home. This compassionate story helps young readers cope with a loved one who is away in the military.

This book comes with a digital entertainment package. Download the audio book at www.tatepublishing.com