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Author: David L. Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-936680-00-9
Publisher: Mont Clair Press

Bio-terrorism is not anything new. Imagine if all of our pharmaceuticals were compromised and all of our medications tainted? What would we do? What if one group of terrorists were able to break into the Ministry of Health in Korea or any country, photocopy a file with important information about that country’s bio-weapon’s program and used it against America? A secret organization called Sirocco is behind this threat. Linked with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, they want to unleash a biological weapon on the population of the United States starting with high placed government officials. What would stop this threat and what cards are they holding? Unless the United States Congress funds a new Palestinian government and Israel is convinced to give up strategic occupied land, they will unleash this weapon.

In the late 1980’s Saddam Hussein launched a large-scale chemical weapons attack against the Kurdish population in Iraq. His military forces attacked Iranian and Kurdish targets with combinations of mustard gas and nerve agents by using aerial bombs, 122-millimeter rocks and conventional artillery. Imagine if there was an organization behind him that was helping him in his quest.  Sarin, cylcosarin and mustard are just some of the chemicals he has stockpiled and this organization has a hidden agenda that will rock the inner core of not only the United States, Europe, Africa and South America but worldwide too. Sirocco is a secret organization whose quest it is to create a bioweapon and unleash it world wide starting with the United States. Using biological warfare or germ warfare they hope to hold the U.S. hostage and under siege unless they adhere to their demands. Killing two officials in the government whose deaths appeared due to natural causes, the President of the United States received a letter setting off a chain of events that would include creating Rapid Recognition and Response Bio-Team to coordinate and brainstorm ways to prevent further deaths. But, could they in time and what was
their master plan. What weapon were they creating and how would it be delivered?

Brent Reynolds is part of this Rapid Recognition and Response Bio-Team along with many other noted scientists including Dr. Deborah Landsford. Together all of these great minds have to come up with a master plan to stop what Sirocco, the secret organization has already set in motion. But, what they do not know is this started over twenty years ago and one determined woman named Sharifah with the help of the Palestinian Liberation Front, hopes to unleash a chemical weapon so diabolical it will kill.

Author David L. Wilson takes the reader on an inside tour into the mind and thoughts of a terrorist. As you hear her words, follow her path and understand her rationale she tries to convince the reader that her goals should be met and her ideology followed. Along with her brother who is not as committed to what she feels needs to be done, Sharifah leaves a trail of blood, destruction, fear and hate more devastating than a 9.0 quake on the Richter scale. Each character committed to his/her part in what she has planned and those that defy her or get in her way, she eliminates.
Added into the mix is the conflict Brent dealing with his brother Derrick’s murder/suicide. Knowing that there is much more to his death, Brent investigates the murder on his own and looks for the clues that will lead him to the truth. As Brent delves into his brother’s murder many obstacles come into play. Seeking out the people he worked with, the women he might have come in contact with and those associated with the murder victim proves difficult and trying to convince the police to reopen the case almost impossible. But, there is much more as the Secretary of Homeland Security is killed by an unknown deadly virus bringing the story back to this deadly group called Sirocco and learning what their agenda is sends this response team a deadly chase to find the killer and stop them from unleashing another virus on their next two victims. The first of two phases of this program is called Storm Cloud and would target government officials. In the second and final phase Sirocco’s second weapon would kill and take the lives of millions of people in the United States and Europe living in the heartlands. Evil, wicked and hateful Sharifah will stop at nothing.

Relentless, persistent and never giving up Brent uncovers a link between the textile plant his brother worked in, secret lab hidden there and the threat on the White House and many other officials. What could his brother have found out that was directly linked to Sirocco?  Just how many people were involved?  Who was the mastermind of Sirocco and what will the final outcome be? Will they succeed?
This is one explosive ending with so many twists, turns, surprises and deceptions revealed that you won’t want to a miss a bit of the action when you read this outstanding thriller and understand why America needs to always be on Red Alert. Will they find the virus and be able to stop it from spreading? Find out when you read what Brent and his team learn and how it all links together.

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