Click Here To Purchase Going Cowboy Crazy (A Deep in the Heart of Texas novel)

Author: Katie Lane

ISBN: 9780446582780

Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

Author Katie Lane's interest in romance began in the backseat of a '65 Mustang. She's now married to the owner of said Mustang and has two grown daughters. She resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She enjoys golf, motorcycles, and traveling in her spare time. Her other title, Make Mine a Bad Boy, comes out in June 2011.

After her parents pass away, Faith Aldridge heads to Bramble, Texas, the only place where she can find answers. In search of Hope, the twin sister she never knew she had, Faith finds more than she bargained for. The small town thinks she is Hope, finally home at long last from her escapades in California. Worse, the town is determined to get her "reacquainted" with Hope's high school sweetheart, Slate Calhoun. But Slate's no fool. He knows that Faith might look like Hope, but Hope never had his blood heating the way her twin does. Now he's determined to keep this twin in his bed and out of his heart. What no one knows is that the real Hope is heading home with her own designs on Slate. To avoid heartache, both Faith and Slate must give in to what the heart wants, before the lies become truth.

I wasn't sure about the premise for this book when I began reading. This was either going to be roll-your-eyes over-the-top, or laugh-your-ass-off hilarious. I'm leaning toward the latter, with the only exception being the town's reaction to Faith. Though the town and its occupants were the driving force behind the book, and it's most endearing quality, I had a hard time believing their reaction to Faith, and their response once Hope did return home. I also had a hard time believing Slate and Faith's motives regarding the truth, even though Faith would gain the answers she was so desperately hoping for.

In saying that, this was quite a delightful and entertaining read. There were some moments of pure heartbreak too as we learned more and more about Faith's past. It begs the question, can you come home again if you never knew home? The author has a great knack for setting, plunging you into cowboy country deep in the south and making you feel like you're there, right down to the slang and y'alls. Recommended.

Click Here To Purchase Going Cowboy Crazy (A Deep in the Heart of Texas novel)