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Author: Michael Scott Miller

ISBN: 9781456363475
Publisher: CreateSpace

This is a wonderful book, well written and entertaining.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers, tells the story of Bert Ingram, a once successful music rep who worked for a major record company.  Now facing middle-age, he finds himself destitute with nothing to show for the years he spent following his dream and the passion he has for music and spotting great talent.  His former colleagues have given up on him and he seems destined to spend the rest of his life as an outcast.  Bert has something to prove, so he makes it his mission to find raw talent
among the down and outs in San Francisco; the musicians who play music on the streets.  He has already set his sights on a singer he has spotted at Montgomery Street BART Station.  We follow Bert as he tries to put together a band of musicians and lead them to super stardom, to prove to his former associates that he is still a major player.

The characters are introduced by the author in individual chapters, where we learn about their backgrounds and lives.  Although they are all quite different, they are brought together by one man who has seen something in them.  Bert Ingram prides himself on being able to spot talent when he sees it.  I liked the interaction between the band members and between Bert and the individuals in the band.  It is a very realistic portrayal of a band and all of the behind the scenes aspects of that.  I recently read an excellent memoir about the life of a touring band 33 Days by Bill See, and I was reminded of certain parts of that book when I was reading Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers.  

The story of The Redeemers teaches us that everyone can learn something from another person, no matter who that person is.  It also shows that it is possible for people of different social classes and backgrounds to come together and get along with each other when ignorance and prejudice are set aside.

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Redeemers, reminds us that following our dreams is important, and listening to those who have experience is an important part of the journey.

Highly recommended.  A book that music fans will love.

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