Click Here To Purchase Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading

Author: Peter Leeds.

Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1-118-01327-4

If you want to get rich fast, this book is not for you. Of course it is a book that helps you trade in the stocks market the most profitable way but that way is not the easy one nor is it the fastest one. And that is what it should be because trading in stocks requires a great deal of research, good judgment, and mostly an efficient method which this book offer under the title of Leeds Analysis.

First of all, why penny stocks? For several reasons: 1. they seem “to generate interest among all types of investors. 2. you’ll learn trading quite quickly, because penny stocks move faster and are more volatile than more conventional investments. 3. If you have limited funds…, penny stocks give you the potential of actually making something out of your money. A $1.000 investment can multiply many times over, compared to putting that cash into a slow-moving blue chip or a super-safe bond…” (p. 2)

The road to that profitable result is long and arduous: the author does not mince words about it. He cautions the investor at every corner; if you are not already an experienced investor, he does even not want you to start investing your real money before trading for many months in …paper money! To trade in paper money “means that you keep tracks of imaginary trades in real penny stocks with imaginary money. For example, you pretend you have $100.000 to invest, and you keep tracks of which stocks you “would have “ bought.” p. 43)

More: he does NOT want you to invest in penny stocks if “1/you are losing sleep at night because you are stressed out; 2/you end up fighting with your spouse about it; 3/you think about it so much that you do not pay attention to your family; 4/your mind wanders while you’re at work.” (p. 8)

Don’t think that the author will give you “tips” about those penny stocks you will buy or sell at their appropriate moment in order to make “killings”! He is categorical about that: “I do not give advice” titles one of his subchapter. So what he does in this book is to take you by the hand and walk you very slowly but accurately each and every step of the Leeds Analysis which looks at every factor of a potential investment.

The end result of the Leeds Analysis is to jettison 95% of all the penny stocks listed on all the markets to steer the investor “toward the 5% of penny stocks that may dramatically outperform every other investment that’s out there…” (p. 4)

The Analysis may work or not, but Peter Leeds is surely not to blame for he has done a fantastic job explaining, explicating, extrapolating every nooks and crannies of the stock market arcane configuration. He does it meticulously with the care of a conscientious teacher: dividing his explanations into different levels of difficulty, approaching various topic from different perspectives, illustrating his text profusely with charts, graphics.

Click Here To Purchase Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading