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Author: Darryl Wayne

ISBN: 978-1608622153

Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC

Most of us live in a world of boxed lunches prepared by mom each day. We come home to a home cooked meal and we are greeted with loving arms. Game nights and trips to the park are a state of normalcy for us. But, doesn’t everybody live that way? Don’t Tell Nobody: A Forbidden Desire Not Forever Vulnerable, by Darryl Wayne is an honest story of a young inner-city boy suffering from things that most of us only see on television or read about in a book. There are no lunches handed out at the door each morning. There is no one to greet you at the door when you come in from school, except maybe drug addicted neighbor waiting to sell you a stolen item so he or she can get their next fix. A family dinner at the table each night is unheard of. But what there is plenty of is poverty, violence, and worst of all sexual abuse.

The main character, and the narrator of the story, Khalil, is a part of a large family in urban Philadelphia. At just the young age of five, he is sexually abused repeatedly by a male family member. Although small in stature, Khalil often finds himself in fights in order to defend his family members especially his mother and sister. Undergoing the mental and sexual abuse seemed to lead to self-esteem issues and a little confusion in his sexual identity as he got older. From his teenage years into his early twenties, he has many sexual encounters and becomes involved with very serious drug abuse. He searches for that perfect mate that will make him feel safe but each time gets disappointed because most of them are just as confused as he is. He ultimately seeks and finds help and no longer has a difficult time dealing with who he is.

The language in this book is very explicit and graphic. It is raw in its detail and is definitely filled with the sounds of the street. It is honest and I found it both educational and enlightening. There are, however, a few problems with it. The innumerable spelling and punctuation errors, at times, hindered the flow of the read. Ironically, the roughness of the writing style seems to add a little character to the content and pulls you deeper into the mind of the narrator. Perhaps this was Wayne’s initial plan, perhaps not.
Either way, once I picked up the book, I could not stop turning the pages. This story never let me down.

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