Click Here To Purchase Badass Business Women: The Manifesto (Volume 1)

Author: Jessica Kizorek

ISBN: 9781884230172

Badass Business Women: The Manifesto by Jessica Kizorek, is not a just a book. It is a guide for women (and men) who want to challenge themselves to stand up in the business world and be noticed without being labeled. It’s for individuals who want to mentor others instead of judging them. It’s for people who want empower themselves, plan their futures, build their businesses and do so on their own terms for their own reasons.

Jessica Kizorek and co-authors Michelle Villalobos and Marci Alt know how to motivate women. The Manifesto is designed to inform and guide women through the workplace by providing roadmaps to stereotypes of women in the workplace, from the bitch to the pushover, answer those tough questions such as why the business world is male-dominated, and show us what to watch out for such as becoming a doormat or a queen bee. After navigating through the rocky workplace (and who really has a smooth ride these days?) the authors provide detailed information as to why the Badass Business Women’s movement was created.

The book is quite small; yet it is jam packed with ideas and tidbits to encourage women to do their very best in the business world. These authors want women to get their due and stand up for themselves without having lots of self-doubt. The book encourages women to stop taking a back-seat in meetings and speak up with confidence when presenting their ideas.

And - bravo Jessica, et al, - they encourage women to start supporting one another instead of backstabbing, gossiping and putting each other down. Being a Badass doesn’t mean that women need to start showing up to work in black leather jackets (yet, they can if they want to and it’s appropriate workplace garb) or acting aggressively or hating men. To the authors, being a Badass is something for which women should aspire and be proud. To the authors: “It means that we are a powerhouse. Proud. Sexy. Strong. Daring.”

The Badass Business Women movement is growing online and women are invited and encouraged to join as the group aspires to become one million strong. And women are receiving this movement with open arms. The book is full of emails from women who love the message and who aspire to invoke their inner badass and change the business world for good.

And the book is motivating even for a writer like me who works for a non-profit. There are tips on communicating, goal setting and learning what to ask for in business. This book is a great read and also an instrumental step in becoming the badass business woman you were born to be.

Click Here To Purchase Badass Business Women: The Manifesto (Volume 1)