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Author: James Hewitt, RN

Publisher: Lulu Distribution

ISBN: 9781435715790

If you’re tired of cookbooks that feature exotic combinations of tofu, chickpeas, and buffalo meat or feature intimidatingly tongue-twisting 40 syllable names, James Hewitt’s refreshingly old-fashioned Adirondack Cookbook might be just the tome for you.

Featuring recipes from the restaurants and people of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, the selections included in the book’s seven chapters – soups, salads, biscuits and breads, meats, seafood, desserts, and specialty beverages – read like a hit parade of American comfort foods.

Interspersed between down-home recipes for chicken gumbo, coleslaw, cranberry nut bread, mountain scrapple, crab cakes, and apple pie, are Mr. Hewitt’s personal stories about the people who shared their original recipes with him, giving the book a comfortable homey feel: as if you are now another one of the neighbors Aunt Carol is whipping up her famous Brandy Slush for.

The Adirondack Cookbook is a quiet and unassuming celebration of all that is great and traditional in American cooking, a collection of the dozens of potluck dishes and bake sale offerings that find their way to church social buffets and school lunch tables across the country every week. While the writing is somewhat uninspired and the text would benefit greatly from the addition of pictures, Mr. Hewitt’s humble collection is an old-fashioned breath of simplicity in a time over-burdened with complexity.

Click Here To Purchase The Adirondack Cookbook