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Author: Erin Healy

ISBN: 978-1-59554-751-4
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

The Promises She Keeps chronicles the story of four main characters; Promise, Porta, Chase and Zach as they weave together in an eerie and strange tale that will keep you intrigued. The book starts off by introducing the reader to Promise, a talented young woman with Cystic Fibrosis who is determined to become a singer despite her disabilities. Promise is focused on getting her piece of fame. After she meets Zack, Promise goes lives through a series of accidents that should have claimed her life. Her survival brings her to the attention of Porta, who is convinced Promise has found the source of immortality. Likewise, Chase, an autistic artist, who has strange visions of trees and draws them, seeks out Promise in order to draw her and ends up falling in love with her. The story is wrapped around these characters who are soon immersed into
a confrontation over the mystery and cost of eternal love.

The story, a thriller, is essentially the struggle between good and evil and is quite eerie and strange though intriguing. The ending was unexpected as it explores life and death and the sacrifices made for love. It was quite odd and kind of bizarre to read. The characters are not complex and most of them are likeable. Porta, the villain, is mean, manipulative and shrewd yet an interesting character in the story. Porta, who owns the gallery Chase brings his art to, is an elderly woman and practicing witch who is searching for immortality. Her son Zack thinks she is crazy and has many problems including drugs and alcohol due to the apparent lack of love from his mother. He is also an artist of sorts and meets Promise in an art class. Promise was a strong character. She is a very determined young woman. She works hard despite her illness and gives her all in order to see her dream fulfilled. Zach, despite his bad choices and problems what a character I felt bad for in a way. His mother is horrible, unloving and one of the reasons he is so troubled. Chase, who is the good to Porta’s evil, is a sweet and loving character who is a much needed personality in this book.

The writing style of this novel is strong but takes some time to get used to. The pace was slow yet intended to be so. It would have been hard to understand and keep everyone situated if the pace was faster due to how heavily the characters are entwined. Eventually as the novel progresses, the pace picks up. The novel is Christian fiction and Chase does quote Bible verses, but it has so many elements that are otherworldly in many ways that I wouldn’t limit this book to the Christian fiction genre. Anyone who enjoys suspense novels could read this title and enjoy it.

Overall, this book left me in an odd state. It was a good story yet strange at the same time. It was a hard novel to wrap my feelings up in a review. There is so much of this novel that I can’t include because I refuse to use spoilers and ruin the novel for a reader. It was definitely worth the read, but I am unsure that I could re-read this one.

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