Click Here To Purchase The Summoner: (The Dominic Grey Novels) (Volume 1)

Author: Layton Green

Publisher: Gryphon Workd

ISBN: 9781456546861

Imagine Zimbabwe, exotic and economically devastated.  Imagine a cult, the predecessor to voodoo, terrifying in its cruel and ritualistic practices.  Imagine a missing American government official, last seen at one of this cult’s ceremonies.  Imagine an author that can take you there in a hard-to-put-down read.

Author Layton Green transports the reader. He has created a scenario that calls for a hero as tough and unrelenting as the region in which this story takes place, and we get a good one in the multidimensional character of Dominic Grey. Grey is brought in to investigate the disappearance of retired American Embassy Consul William Addison. He is assigned to work with a Zimbabwean liaison, the beautiful Nya Mashumba. Together they attempt to retrace Addison’s steps to discover what happened to him.

Nya and Grey face many dangers on the mean streets of the Zimbabwean city Harare. With little to go on, they try to track the movements of the Juju cult’s leader, the N’anga. Finally they get a lead: the time and location of the next Juju tribal ceremony. After sunset they arrive at the isolated location and insinuate themselves into the increasingly frenzied crowd of worshippers to observe the ceremony and get to the elusive N’anga. At last the N’anga appears in blood red robes and a gruesome mask that hides his face. What happens next is both horrifying and unexplainable.

Green expertly weaves his tale, building tension and not revealing the truth of who is the N’anga until near the end when both Nya and Grey are in ultimate peril. His characters’ back stories, divulged throughout the book, explain the ‘why’s’ of their behaviors and masterfully transports the book from just another adventure into a first-class read. However, the romantic in me would have liked to have seen the love scene played out a little more intimately and intensely.

I do have one warning: the description of the Juju ceremony was quite graphic. I would say, though, that it was necessary for the story and Green moved through it well.

Ultimately, I would say Green rivals the bestselling books of this type. I recommend The Summoner and look forward to more from this talented author.

Click Here To Purchase The Summoner: (The Dominic Grey Novels) (Volume 1)