Author: Paul Martens

ISBN: 9781449957780

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I was extremely intrigued with the title of The Motivated Life. I thought I would learn how to get organized around the house, learn how to challenge myself more or be able to gather a little more “get up and go.” After beginning the book; however, I realized I would learn none of these things. Initially, I was a bit confused as to what it was all about. Fortunately, I kept on reading!

This book truly offers incredible insight and wisdom into the various personality types of humans. I was astounded when I read the section on my own personality type. Paul Martens nailed it! He doesn’t get into a discourse of the ego, the id, Jungian theories or anything else that I would expect to find in a book about mental health. The 5 part personality type theories have been around for a while; however, these theories are not widely accepted in psychological circles. Martens admits in the book that he financed much of his own research. But the results, in my humble opinion, are extraordinary. Not only was I able to come away with a much better understanding of my own self, I was able to clearly see the personalities of my two teenage daughters.

The personality types are broken down and logically addressed. The author provides the best careers for each type, celebrities who share the personality types, and various tips on co-working and otherwise dealing with each personality type. Martens dedicates a whole section of his book to how the 5 personality types relate with one another and details not only intimate relationships, but the how each personality type parents as well.

The final section of the book defines proactive ways to become “centered” and live a more moderated life. This part of a book is usually key for me, as I love gaining knowledge from various self-help books as to where to go or what to do next. It was the opposite for me in this book. The section that I most gravitated toward was the explanation and ultimate agreement that came with learning about my own personality type. That’s not to say that learning how to become more centered wasn’t helpful - it was. But seeing in black and white, the things that drive me, the reasons why I act certain ways, is astonishing. And it is a little difficult to accept some of the theories as they seem a bit negative; however, the author does clearly state that this book addresses the reason we have unhealthy relationships, sex addiction, anger issues, or other challenges. I soon realized that, while the focus may be on somewhat negative aspects, once we have knowledge, we can begin the process of change.

The Motivated Life is a very interesting read. The author has a straight-forward, clear style and he addresses an abundance of issues in less than 250 pages. If you want to learn more about yourself, discover why you behave in certain ways, learn why you may struggle with relationships or have other challenges in your life that can be difficult to comprehend, I recommend you begin your journey to understanding by reading The Motivated Life.

Click Here To Purchase The Motivated Life: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Who You Are and Why You Are.