Author:  John Stephens
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN: 978-0-375-86870-2

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A great deal of “talk” is going around the industry right now, and the ‘buzz’ is that this is about to be the next
Harry Potter-‘esque’ adventure. I have to say as a HUGE Potter fan, that Mr. Stephens has certainly put together a novel that offers all readers a mythical, fantastic world that they won’t soon forget.

The prologue, alone, is a heart-stopper. This is one of those very few gems where the adventure is “off-and-running” by paragraph two, and you can’t put it down or catch your breath once it begins. This is the solid mark of a writer who knows his subject, and the imagination and creativity levels that he owns are “sky-high!”

In the middle of the night on Christmas Eve,
a young girl named Kate is awakened by her parents. Her mother quickly puts a family locket around Kate’s neck, dresses her and the other two children, takes them out into the wintry night, and puts them in a car driven by a tall, lanky, mysterious man.

Kate overhears her mother ask this man if there is any way the family can be together again. The man simply tells Mom that she
may see her children one day, but not until after they have grown up and fulfilled their destiny. As Kate’s mother tells her that they will one day meet again, the car disappears into the night with odd figures chasing them through the darkness. Faster and faster…the car with Kate, Michael, and young Emma soon disappears into the fog.

A story then takes place that leads these children from an orphanage called the Edgar Allan Poe Home for Hopeless and Incorrigible Orphans (LOVE that name) to a mysterious orphanage where these children are the only three in existence. There, they meet a Dr. Stanislaus Pym, the owner of the huge home that’s located in a town that’s almost deserted - completely void of any children whatsoever - called Cambridge Falls.

With a Polaroid camera, a magic blank book, a Countess who desperately needs to rule the world and will use any “child” to achieve her goal, and a mass of monsters called The Screechers who protect said Countess, this story is an amazing ride with a myriad of plots and characters that you won’t forget…with three ‘stars’ who may just become as popular as Harry and his friends.

Do not walk to the bookstore - run for this one!
The Emerald Atlas is the start of something amazing. And, in my opinion, for the first time in this odd publishing world - the ‘buzz’ is absolutely right! Enjoy!

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