Author: Kristi Yamaguchi
ISBN: 978-1402252754
Publisher: Sourcebooks

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Dreams are so special especially for the young. Reaching your full potential and being able to fulfill your dreams comes with hard work, hope, faith in yourself and support of family. Poppy was no ordinary pig. Poppy was filled with hope, courage and the love of her family and friends to encourage her and never give up. Ever child dreams of being a star and wanting to be just like a famous movie star, singer or ice skater. Poppy was not different. But, sometimes to realize your dream and become the best you can be the stumbling blocks that you face must be overcome, jumped over and pushed aside in order to celebrate the successes that will come with time and hard work later on.
“Follow Your Dreams,” says author and Olympic Ice Skater Kristi Yamaguchi in a book that inspires not only children but also adults to go for the gold in every way. All too often we become too hung up with the words of others, the discouraging
comments and fall prey to the negatives that others bring to those who want to succeed. Poppy was unique, special and determined not to let anything or anyone stand in her way. Trying out as a ballet dancer, singer and model and not succeeding gave her much room to pause and reflect, But, she never gave up on herself and her biggest fans her parents, grandparents and one special friend named Emma, lifted her spirits and sang her praises reminding her that following her dreams and never giving up would pay off.

Remembering my own experience with trying to learn to ice skate and the instructor’s reaction at Rockefeller Center as a child, I applaud Poppy for showing the courage and having the initiative not to five up, not to let those falls and spills get her down but to get up, dust off the ice and continue on until she succeeded. Singing, modeling and dancing were not for this adorable pig that was pot-bellied, waddling and so cute. With the determination of a true Olympic skater and the gold medalist, Poppy spends the night practicing, encouraged by spectators and signs that let her know she has the support and love of friends, family and even strangers, she moves ahead with her dreams to become a great star on the ice. Just like watching the Today show with the huge crowd at Rockefeller Center listening the concerts or watching the ice skaters perform, Poppy takes center stage and will she succeed you need to read the book to find out for yourself. What is next for Poppy and will author, and Olympic Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi bring her back again for another book, let’s hope so. What does she finally decide is next for her you won’t believe as our shining example of courage, intelligence and perseverance: FOLLOWS HER DREAMS! With illustrations that are so outstanding that make the story come to life, Kristi Yamaguchi adds some more gold, namely five stars to her list of gold and achievements as this author, reviewer and talk show host really loved her medal winning book. Follow Your Dreams: Never Give Up! Our author did and so can you!
This book definitely gets Five Gold Skates!

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