Author: Carrie Ryan
Published By:  Random House/Children's Books
ISBN:  978-0-385-73859-0

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, author Carrie Ryan introduces the third and final novel of her thrilling series focusing on the undead. The world is slowly coming to an end. People are becoming less and less human every day, and life is starting to dissipate quickly. But, Annah refuses to give up.
Annah is still within the Dark City waiting for Elias, the only boy who ever made her feel beautiful, to return to her. Every day seems like a fight for her life. Very few people are still alive around her and the ones that are aren’t very far from death.

She works up the courage to leave the city once and for all, leaving behind everything she knows. While escaping, she comes across a face similar to her own: her exact image, only without the scars she possesses from her fall into barbed wire.  It's her twin sister, Abigail. Abigail is the person that Annah and Elias had to leave behind to go find help in the first books, but never found her again. She’s with a man on the bridge who’s been labeled as infected.  The man was shot at and supposedly
drowned in the water.  After this incident, Abigail gets taken by the Recruiters, the men who were once supposed to protect the city.

Annah finds that man, the one she assumed was dead. He saved her from an attack by some of the Recruiters. His name is Catcher, and he’s immune to the infection. He’d been bitten, but never turned into one of the Unconsecrated (the undead). He tells her Elias has sent him for her, and that he is supposed to protect her sister, whom he calls Gabry. Annah comes to learn Gabry had a safe life. She was found in the woods and taken care of by a woman she called her mother, only she had forgotten everything about her real life. She's grown up happy, surrounded by her mother and Catcher.

Upon the return to the city, Annah and Catcher stumble across Elias, who’s returned to find them. They learn that Gabry has been taken to the Sanctuary, a place where the Recruiters are. Just as they make their way there, the city is finally overrun with a horde. Thousands and thousands of undead purge the Dark City,killing anything and everything in their sight. The Recruiters want Catcher. He is the only one who can get supplies from the city because, being immune, the Unconsecrated don’t bother with him. The only problem is they only need only one; Elias, Gabry, or Annah to remain alive for Catcher to keep coming back.

They must find a way to escape the Sanctuary to freedom beyond the Dark City and the horde that lay within in it. As Annah realizes how much she cares for Catcher, she finds the will to survive, to fight for something. But what happens when Annah’s only means of escape is to throw herself into the dangers of the city and the mouth of the horde? It's then she learns the true meaning of living, and the reasons to keep on fighting in a world that’s slowly dying out.

This book was very compelling. The author grabs the attention of the reader from start to finish. It gives you chills not knowing what or who is going to jump out on the next page. With this fantastic series end, I guarantee you’ll pay more attention to the noises that go bump in the night.


Click Here To Purchase The Dark and Hollow Places (Forest of Hands and Teeth, Book 3)