Author:  Maria Padian
Published By:  Knopf
ISBN:  978-0-375-86579-4

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This is a truly lovely YA that shows the friendship and loyalty between two completely different girls.
Henry Lloyd is a Jersey girl who is beyond super-model beautiful and who spends her whole life, practically, playing tennis.  When readers first meet Henry, she is literally beating the pants off her opponent while her father trash talks from the stands.  Her father loves Henry but he is an absolute slave-driver when it comes to her future career in tennis, and his loud mouth as the ability to make the fans in the stadium turn their
anger on Henry.  In fact, no one likes her.

Eva Smith is a prima ballerina who loves nothing more than dance.  Unlike Henry who has an obnoxious father, Eva is saddled with a 'stage mom' who refuses to let up on her daughter.  When we first meet Eva she is getting ready to audition for the New York School of Dance summer camp, which is something she's always wanted to be a part of.  Dancing her solo audition, Eva is scared to death and truly worries in her heart that she's way to overweight to be picked.

When Henry and Eva first met they were six-year-olds, and Eva was dancing down the aisles of the grocery store.  They grew up together, standing behind each other and offering each other support with the next step of their dreams.  They come from New Jersey, which Henry refers to as "The Armpit of New York."  The two girls sit and laugh a great deal about their home, saying that there are more jokes about New Jersey than Polish jokes and lawyer jokes combined.  But the friendship they have formed usurp all over-protective parents, and others who don't see the true hearts and souls that these two girls carry within themselves.
The story lines, from the harsh world of sports competition to the frightening world of anorexia, are told with a beauty and humor that offers life lessons to all young adults.  The loyalty that this book encompasses will make all readers admire and be grateful for their unique best friend who is the support, love, and strength that they needed throughout life.  enjoy!
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