Title:  The Cursed Man

Author's Name:  Keith Rommel

ISBN:  978-1934597033

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The Cursed Man is a contemporary story of suspense, involving Alister Kunkle who is plagued by death itself.  Anyone he encounters dies within moments and this has propelled him into a life of solitude within the walls of an institution.  When Alister believes that death has contacted him in the form of a woman, he tries everything he can to prove the theory that the entity death is the cause of his grief and not part of his imagination.

The story starts with past history of the main character, in order to give a backdrop of the story and to give the reader insight into his mind frame.  Alister has been through a horrendous ordeal throughout his young life and grew up with the notion that death is after everyone he cares about or anyone he encounters.

Alister is in constant conflict within himself.  He believes death has a personal vendetta against him and his new life in the institution has given him some peace.  When a female doctor comes into his life for the sole purpose of disproving his theory, his life is sent into turmoil once again, when he has to defend his sanity.

The plot of The Cursed Man is very clear.  Alister believes death is after him and then death actually comes knocking on his door personally.  The reader is left wondering if Alister is indeed insane or has been misguided through a life of pain and unfortunate events.

Keith Rommel provides a clear setting for the reader.  The descriptions of the places, the people and events come alive as you read the story.  As you try to figure out what is happening, more turns and twists begin to reveal themselves to you until you are surprised at the end.

You learn to like the character of Alister Kunkle because you feel sorry for him.  The other characters compliment the main character as they show the contrast between his struggles with reality and the other characters while they try to reason with him.

The Cursed Man is told in Alister's point of view and the dialogue propels the story forward, revealing to you the events occurring from the past and when the author brings you back into the present. 

The book is recommended to anyone who likes a good suspense story about the internal struggles of a desperate man, who is faced with the knowledge that he could be battling death itself.

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