Author: Jon Batson

Publisher: Midnight Whistler Publishers

ISBN: 1456490230

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Finally – A Conspiracy With Spunk!”

Based on a true story: “Terminal Research” by Jon Batson, should be the name you see when the credits role at the end of a suspense thriller at your local theater. This book had all the makings of a five star movie matinee. Mr. Batson takes each one of the characters and brings them to life, and the storyline glides with simplicity. Writing great dialogue is essential in forming a personal connection to the reader – Jon Batson does just that!

As the story begins, a young woman is held against her will in a mental institution. Is there a conspiracy going on here? Creator of a newsletter titled ‘Look Both Ways’ Jack Richmond is following a lead to find the person or persons that had robbed him of his platform – burned his newsletter office to the ground and attacked his friends. Driving up Topanga Canyon Boulevard, he looks out for anyone that appeared suspicious. Jack spots a slender black woman with stunning features coming out of the nearby post office. He soon realizes its Letitia, an old friend from New York. He quickly recalls remembering how she and another friend, Jacob, had mysteriously vanished from his life. Going on a gut impulse, he decides to carefully follow her. Stopping in front of a house, Letitia gets out and goes in. Glancing at the mailbox, Jack gets the surprise of his life when he reads the inscription underneath their names, ‘Look Both Ways.’ Could it be! Could it be his old friends were the culprits? What reasons would they have to betray their friend? On the other hand, could there be a greater work of evil going on here? Oh, you had better believe there is!

I am not going to get into the story any deeper than that. However, ‘Terminal Research’ is most definitely a conspiracy thriller indeed – a story that will keep you thinking about what you have read long after the book is placed on the bookshelf. I highly recommend this read, and suggest to my readers they check out Mr. Batson’s other literary works.

Jon Batson is the author of ‘Deadly Research’ – ‘Research Triangle’ – ‘Terminal Research’ – ‘Murder at Thompson Bog’ – Encounter in a Small Café’ – ‘Doll Bodies’ – ‘Nina Knows the Night’ – and ‘The Rands Conspiracy.’

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