Author: Rick Singer, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978 1 84694 524 3

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Psychotherapist Rick Singer has done it again and just when we needed it most – NOW!

In Singer’s newest book, NOW, he inspires us in Part I with 99 meditations from people such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi and more. These “centered meditations” are skillfully designed to bring the reader into their present and to act NOW.

Through the meditations, the reader will learn, for example, that fear prohibits us from following our divine path. After this and each of the perceptive quotes, there is an exercise to help you understand what you can do NOW to understand what may be holding you back from experiencing the pleasure of living in your NOW.

Many of us are searching for joy and freedom in our everyday life. This book has the ability to open our eyes to see what may be hindering the life we would truly like (and deserve) to live.

In part II of NOW, Singer asks and answers the question, “Is it possible to live in the NOW?” And, yes, it is very possible. Included are short story examples from others who have learned to live in their NOW. They share their pivotal moments that were turning points in their life. Through these, we can identify with others who were just like us and came to find harmony and calm in their NOW.

How would you like to wash dishes without it being a dreaded task? Singer has provided a unique way to experience suds and crud.

Do we really immerse ourselves sensually when it comes to food? Do we actually taste, feel, and dip into the whole experience of what is on the plate before us?

Why should you be at a job, doing something you dislike, or linger with someone not right for you a second longer? Will your tomorrows be filled with could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve or will you decide to live in the moment – the moment is Now.

Happiness is NOW, not in some near or far distance. And the only way to live peacefully is NOW, because we don’t know what may happen in the next second, minute, hour, day, month or year. Wouldn’t it be a true clock, if there were no minute and hour hand just the word “NOW?” It will always be NOW – no matter what your clock or calendar says. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and yesterday is gone – NOW is all we really have in our control.

And forget multi-tasking – it is overrated and under achieves what the NOW can offer. Concentrating fully on a card game with your child or grandchild is far more rewarding than attempting the same game as you jump up to answer the phone and worrying about mowing the lawn before it rains again. Can you truly afford to miss one giggle, one smile, or one more story about the child’s day?

All in all, in NOW, we learn to never live a life of regrets – the only time is NOW to make that happen. End each conversation with the last words you want the person you are speaking with to remember. Many times, we are angry or too busy to remember that this may be our last opportunity to express our feelings to that person.

Just as we un-clutter our closets, we would fare better to do the same with our lives. Just as we are told by our health care professionals that due to our state of health we need to make some lifestyle changes, so it is if we want to peacefully live in the NOW.

Open up the windows of your mind, throw open the doors to your soul, sweep out the negatives, and breathe in your NOW. With the help of Singer’s book, “NOW”, you will learn that the time in NOW to find out how to regain the tranquility and sanity of your life by learning to live in the moment.

About the author

Rick Singer traveled a path that was hindered by many obstacles in his life. He, as many, was rushing in search of something – ultimately missing the NOW in his life. Once Rick found, interrupted, and understood the teachings of wise men and women who had found their NOW, Rick was gracious and wise to share it with the world through “NOW” and his other books – “Books, he says, “are not only for ready, but meant to be lived.”

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