Author: Thaisa Frank
ISBN: 978-1-58243-719-4

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This novel is very original as it is a strange story that I don't believe has ever been done before.  As a reader of many, many books set in this era I don't remember anything like it.  A story of many people that lived and worked within the borders of Germany during World War II and helped many.
This is the story of the Third Reich's preoccupation with the occult which leads the heads of the Nazi regime to create the Compound of Scribes.  This place is located in an old, abandoned mineshaft which is set up as a village including cobblestone streets and a shifting sky with stars in the evening and sun during the day.  This compound is turned into the living quarters of some people who were picked from the prisoners on their way to Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  These lucky souls were chosen because they could speak
many different languages.  The Scribes' only duty is to answer letters written to the dead, which will stop the friends and relatives of the prisoners of the camp from unintentially discovering and exposeing
The Final Solution.  Which, of course, was the murder of millions of people.  Most of these letters were written as soon as the prisoners arrived at the camp extolling the virtues of the camp and inviting relatives to visit and enjoy the forest.  Of course, all of them were dead before the letters were sent and the Scribes were told to answer them as the Nazi's would keep them for display after the war, which they were sure they would win, to show that there was no holocaust.
As the war begins to wind down and Germany is beginning to fall apart, a letter arrives written by noted philosopher Martin Heidegger to his optomitrist, who is in Auschwitz.  The presence of this particular letter threatens the safety of the entire Compound and the Germans along with their counterparts in the resistance try to reach Heidegger and bring him and his eye doctor together.  Heidegger's wife is very friendly with the German High Command and they are able to arrange a visit between the two men.  But, it will be very hard to hide what is going on in the Camp and that is the crux of this very good story and how some are able to fool the Germans.
A story within a story about love that doesn't have a chance from the start.  And, also it goes into the end of the Reich in Germany from a different point of view than most books set in that time.  It is so different than most books concerning World War II and prisoners trapped in the camps at the end of the war while the Nazis tried to keep the world from knowing what they had done.  You will feel very deeply for these people and will never forget this work.
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