Author: Ty Roth
ISBN:  978-0-385-73958-0

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A story that offers a look at the famous and slightly “messed-up” poets, Byron, Keats, Shelley, and Mary Shelley as young adults living in present day. Not only is this a strange and captivating story, but it also offers the teens of today a chance to read about the most enigmatic and celebrated romantic writers of all time.

When we begin our journey, Mary Shelley has been found washed-up on the shore near her wealthy family’s home on Lake Erie. Many have said and the police have announced that it was an accidental drowning yet, Keats knows that Mary literally took her own life. Keats is the narrator of our story, who uses his ten-hour-long conversation with Shelly to tell the tale of these amazing teenagers.  At the very beginning Keats and Gordon Byron are attending the service being held at their school for Mary, where all the students have come to say goodbye. Keats’ mission? To help

Gordon steal the ashes of his best friend and escape from the school in order to take Mary to the one place she wanted to be and carry out her final wishes.

Keats listens a great deal to Gordon. After all, Gordon and Shelly were the best of the friends for a long, long time. In fact,
their mansions sat beside each other on the socialite side of Lake Erie. Growing up, Gordon was the problem. He had all the charm and charisma that one could have and also liked to make trouble wherever he could. He had an odd relationship with his sister, and the trio of him, his sister, and Mary were almost unbreakable. They went everywhere together, they held each others secrets, and backed each other up - but Mary was interested in Gordon in a “boyfriend” sense, whereas Gordon was far too self-involved to know what his feelings were.

When Gordon was barely in eighth grade he sat down and wrote a book, selling it to the masses and becoming famous, As he grew older, he was beyond libido-driven and had his way with many women of all ages; from a sick and twisted nanny when he was a child - to schoolteachers in college - Gordon was able to do what he wanted whenever he wanted no matter what.  Mary’s obsession was with Gordon.  She had always told Keats that Gordon ignored her because he secretly loved her.  With Mary being obsessed with Gordon, and Gordon being obsessed with himself, Keats only obsession seemed to be with death. He knew all the statistics of death - how many could be taken out by what disease, etc. and seemed to want nothing more than to learn all about life, death, and love from Gordon.

This novel is what you would call a sweeping epic, if there is such a term for YA books. The back story of Gordon Byron is the most raw and honest portrayal in the novel. In fact, many readers will hate him by the end of the first page. Mary is one who all will feel sorry for, suffering an obsession and love that could never be requited. And Keats is a character that readers will not quite be able to figure out - at times he is a hero, at times a geek, at times a boy who’s mind is so wrapped up in death that he can’t see through the darkness to actually live, so he lives through others.

In fact…the author has written these strange characters exactly as they were in real life, and hopefully, the YA’s will put down the X-Box controller and take a walk through the minds of these famous, slightly deranged, writers.

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