Author:  Kristina McMorris
ISBN:  978-0-7582-4684-4

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Dear Readers:

I have always been a huge fan of WWII stories. Not the war, itself, mind you (I’m not into the whole prison camp/Hitler horror stories), but I do truly love the romances between soldiers and the girls’ back home. This one, however, was truly surprising. The story was new, fresh, and full of twists and turns that I was not expecting.

We begin with Liz Stephens, riding in a Cadillac beside her boyfriend, Dalton Harris. She couldn’t be more upset with him if she possibly tried. Dalton is a good man, but spends most of his time working on his father’s political campaign; he rarely remembers when Liz asks him to accompany her to various events, and this is one night where she really wanted his company. As always, Dalton kisses her on the head, apologizes, and Liz rushes out of the car, determined to get away from him before she ends up slapping him across the face.

When she arrives at the USO dance that her roommate is making her singing debut at, she finds herself surrounded by the brave soldiers dressed in their clean, crisp uniforms. Betty Cordell, a slightly dumb blonde who wants nothing more than to sing in a USO band is up on stage; while Liz’s other roommate, Julia Renard – a girl who’s truly in love, has a talent for fashion design, and spends most of her time missing her beloved fiancée who is overseas – is sitting at a table. As Julia and Liz sit and listen to Betty belt out a gorgeous tune from the stage, two young men appear by their side.

and Morgan McClain are brothers. Like most siblings, they are completely different from each other. Charlie is the "fun" guy with the incredible sense of humor who makes women swoon; while his older brother Morgan is incredibly handsome and extremely shy – especially around Liz who he spotted from across the crowded dance floor and, literally, fell in love with on site. Although Liz is already angry about her boyfriend and snaps at the young soldiers, she also discovers – after a very short conversation – that Morgan McClain is the most genuine and attractive man she’s ever met.

Because of a miscommunication of sorts, Liz sees Morgan in Betty’s arms during the dance and she can feel her heart break; she actually has no idea why that is, considering they’ve only just met. But she rushes from the USO dance, never to see Morgan again. Through an even stranger circumstance, Liz becomes a pen-pal to the handsome man, writing him letters overseas – their words bringing them closer and closer.

In the midst of Liz and Morgan having the most amazing relationship through the written word, the author also adds amazingly interesting storylines that deal with Betty and her overwhelming urge to serve overseas; Julia’s exciting offer of a life working at
Vogue in NYC; and, Morgan and his "unit" who have to go through horrific battles and extreme emotional upheaval in order to get home to the women and families they truly love. There’s not one story "thread" that’s even remotely boring – every single page of this is a must read.

This is a debut novel, and a fantastic one at that. This new author was inspired to write this heartfelt tale after reading her grandma and Papa’s love letters. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to get inspiration. My grandparents had the most amazing romance I’ve ever witnessed. Perhaps that generation
knew how to truly find loyalty, love, friendship, and happiness in another person – as well as reciprocate those hard-to-find emotions. This is the type of love story that will have you praying for this author to hurry up and write another one!
Until Next Time,

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