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Author: Sherri Thomas

Publisher: Career Coaching 360

ISBN: 978-1-60145-366-2

Career Smart presents a comprehensive framework for career advancement and gives broad advice on approaching common problems faced during job hunting and advancing within an organization.

The author, Sherri Thomas, takes a marketing approach to career management. She explains the importance of the brand and how it is valid even in the context of managing one's career. Quite similar to managing the brand for a product, the author looks at defining the personal brand and ways to build and market it. 

In putting the concept of personal brands work in the context of career management, the author provides several examples of successes and failures from personal experience. She starts with taking an inventory of one's skills and creating a personal brand in a step by step approach. 

The importance of conveying one's personal message with clarity, while signaling credibility both in a general context as well as in an interview is explained in detail. The author correctly places emphasis on the audience and provides great guidance on conveying a message tailored for the required audience.

Promoting oneself in a reasonable way both inside and outside the organization is explained starting from general principles.

In short, the book provides a bare bones approach to taking advantage of career opportunities and provides the big picture for the reader. At the same time, the book provides the space for the reader to adapt the framework to his/her personal requirements and strengths.

Although the book does not intend to be a mother of all career books, the book emphasizes a feedback loop which links the inputs and the outputs to ensure that the goals are achieved. The book addresses measuring success, analyzing one's actions and outcomes, and how to effectively use the simple tools in enhancing one's career. 

Sherri Thomas has provided a great framework to brand and manage one's career in a simple but powerful way. Her book provides a practical path for achieving a satisfying career and reaching one's potential. This book is well recommended for those who are looking to analyze their careers and look for way to benefit from new opportunities.

Click Here To Purchase CAREER SMART: Five Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand