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Author: James Fredericks

ISBN: 978-0-9802455-6-1

Publisher: Bascom Hill Publishing Group

Just when you think you have this one all figured out, the story takes another disconcerting twist.  James Fredericks neatly takes you on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride of suspense and thrills.  His first novel, Brother, shows all the earmarks of a ground breaking best seller.  

Chase Riordan, rising young defense attorney, has just fought and won his third case in a very short period, when suddenly a fourth client with echoingly familiar statistics turns up at his door.   While trying to juggle his caseload, his secret personal alliance with one of his best friend’s sister, and his family obligations to his institutionalized brother, Chase finds himself drawn ever deeper into the secret world of a serial killer who has a dark agenda of his own. 

Before Chase has even begun his research into his newest case, he is horrified to find that he has become the object of scrutiny by the District Attorney’s office and the subject of some ongoing vendetta by his ex-boss, DA Ken Wall.  Chase is arrested in his office and taken into custody for the killings in the very cases that he has fought and won.

As Chase is being locked away in his own private cell, his twin brother Jared is escaping from his.  Jared, a wounded special forces operative, has been locked away by a sinister colonel who would like to see Jared dead, but has his own reasons for needing to keep him alive.  After being tortured and drugged, Jared has managed a loose grip on his sanity and physical agility.   With secret codes from their childhood, Jared has conveyed his predicament to his brother and together they have laid the framework for Jared’s escape from the institution.

Chase’s time in jail gives him time to think about what is going on in his life and as he mulls over the events that led to his incarceration, he begins to look closer and question the depth of loyalty of his four best friends.  Doubts arise within the group as secrets are uncovered and distrust grows with each passing minute.  Who will show a killer’s face when the final veil is removed? 

Brother is one of the better written and fascinating books of the season.  A wonderful tribute for a first-time author; don’t miss it.     

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