Author: Ryuho Okawa

Publisher: New Atlantis Books

ISBN: 978-0-9832439-0-0

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While America been has been mucking along with our same old religions, something’s been brewing overseas. A voice has been emerging and growing in strength – Ryuho Okawa. He has a new world religion called Happy Science.

If you’re anything like me, you might have cracked a smile at the name and thought, “You’ve gotta be kidding.” I admit, I can be a bit of a smart aleck. My second thought was, “Happy Science: religion brought to you by Sesame Street.” Well, in less than twenty five years Ryuho Okawa, called Master Okawa by his devotees, has amassed an impressive 12 million followers. So maybe we should take a closer look at what has caught the fascination of 12 million people.

I set my cheekiness aside and dug into Master Okawa’s latest book, The Next Great Awakening.

Ryuho Okawa begins with a short back-story on how he ended up doing what he is doing today. In the early ‘80’s Okawa was a working stiff on Wall Street when he started experiencing his awakening. This took the form of messages from Higher Spirits. For a while he kept these to himself and worked on confirming their authenticity. For 6 years this continued until he got the clear message to begin sharing. He quit his job and founded Happy Science.

The stated goal of Happy Science in this book is to bring about a utopian society. This is done through love and self-reflection. Okawa then takes a left turn out of the more Buddhist-type teachings to discuss what he calls the “Real World” or the “Spirit World.”

The condensed version of the Real World is that there are numerous dimensions. Beings from the ninth dimension wanted to populate the worlds and did this complicated splitting-diffraction thing until they were able to incarnate into bodies. Apparently though, they can still maintain a higher self/spirit group. The name of the group in charge of Earth is named El Cantare. Okawa is part of this group.

At first I thought incarnating but still being a spirit seemed schizophrenic until I realized this concept is found in Christianity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – separate yet one. So who am I to criticize?

The next section of the book has transcripts of “conversations” with spirits. Okawa distinguishes this from channeling but I’m not sure what the difference really is. While channeling (for lack of a better word) may not be considered mainstream it might have its place. The only way I’ve ever been able to assess the likelihood of an authentic message is to consider whether the “voice” of the supposed channeled spirit seems to keep in character. So if you’re still with me, here goes….

The first spirit to come through was Enlil. If you’re familiar with Zecharia Sitchin’s work you will recognize that he’s one of the guys from the planet Nibiru who did some domination business on Earth a long time ago as recorded in the Sumerian tablets. He seemed pretty snotty and I thought that if he did exist, this is probably true to form. He’s not the nicest guy. He basically said we are brats and should be spanked.

The second spirit was Confucius. I don’t know a lot about him so I can’t comment on the seeming authenticity. The upshot of his message was that we need to unite politics, education, and religion. I either just heard George Washington and Thomas Jefferson turning over in their graves OR getting out their celestial muskets to go kick some Confucius butt.

The third spirit was Athena. Ah, finally a woman. However she was the goddess of war and she certainly did still seem to have that mindset. She spoke about protecting Earth from alien invasion. Much nicer than Enlil, I would say.

Lastly was Rient Arl Croud. Never heard of him. The only hits on an internet search turns up Happy Science. So I can’t comment. His message is that Earth’s destiny is to be a planet of love. We can realize this future by following the teachings of Happy Science.

We will probably be seeing more of Master Okawa. While some of the particulars in his book might be a slightly outside of our day-to-day reality, the message is one of peace, love, and enlightenment. Something we can all use a little more of.

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