Author: Ann Stephens
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0868-2

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Diantha Quinn is beyond annoyed, angry, and seriously sick of her parents. It is 1875 in the fantastically rich world of New York City, yet Diantha is trapped in her bedroom with a guard posted outside her door so that she can’t flee the house in the middle of the night and embarrass her wealthy merchant father. On his orders, Diantha is to be married off to a somewhat complete stranger so that her father can enter the inner circle of New York City society by adding a Lord to their family tree. His name is Kieran Rossburn and he’s a “peer of the realm” - a Scottish Lord whose very presence will allow the Quinn family invitations to the coveted world of the Astor family.
Kieran feels very much the same as Diantha. He has no desire to marry her, but the deal he’s struck with her rich father will allow him the ability to keep his estate and feed his people back in Scotland. Although he’s met Diantha
a few times, he has no feeling for the young woman who keeps her head down and her mouth shut - barely revealing any interesting characteristics about herself. Until…

The night before the wedding Diantha sneaks downstairs to her father’s study and begins to drink his brandy. She’s never had a drop of alcohol before, but being as that she has to stand in a wedding dress tomorrow and give her life to someone she truly can’t stand, the warm brandy feels really good going down. Although sheltered, Diantha is absolutely passionate about life. Her one true love is architecture, and she wants more than anything to be free to live a life filled with humor, fun, and true love.
When Kieran walks into the den and starts listening to the inebriated girl who’s about to become his wife, his opinion begins to change about the once quiet, boring female. Slowly, as they walk through life together and are met with some truly hideous issues, Kieran and Diantha become a team, facing each and every ‘cross to bear’ head-on. Kieran soon finds that mistresses are unnecessary to him now that he has a wife with a fiery temper and an inquisitive nature for everything…including the marriage bed. Although their temperaments clash and jealousy ensues, the relationship between man and wife becomes stronger and stronger as they work to save each other.
The romance is lovely and, although the story is a bit slow at times and the plot a bit weak, the characters are fun and the reader will truly want the outcome to be just as it is. Enjoy!

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